Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A word from my Master on my birthday

We spoke today, for a long time, courtesy of Yahoo Messenger.

Thank you, Yahoo Messenger.

A sweet and lovely conversation for my birthday.
Sweet and hot and... very sweet and hot.

I told him that I was happy even though I was spending my birthday alone. I said I was beautiful, and told him about Remittance Girl's post, and about what I wrote yesterday, and how you were all sending me birthday greetings. Then he asked how his blog fans were.

I had to remind him that he said I couldn't write about him.

And so he sent you this little message:
You may write that I pride myself on discovering your beauty and hidden destiny and even more on keeping them for my collection.
A very lovely birthday indeed.

I love you, my Master.
You fill my life with pain and poetry and joy.
And this year and always, I am yours.


Paul said...

OG, all I can say is that He is doing a damn good job.
Love and warm hugs,

mamacrow said...

hmmm. Am I one of his blog fans? You know what - yes I am! How can I being anything else?! This is someone who has enabled you to shine and fly :D

So... Hello Mr Sadist Master Sir, I'm very well apart from a slight cold and being snowed in, how are you?

ps as i was first on the thread to claim to be your blog fan, can I then claim to be your number one fan? Oh hang on, OG is that.. your No 2 fan then?!