Tuesday, February 16, 2010


the snow has returned
tentative at first
then setting up tents.
lone tiny stars
unionize, gaining
color, gaining
strength. they change
all they touch
the way you have changed
me. you fell on me,
disguising your weapons,
seducing with charm,
disarming my fear.
i am not the same.
my outlines are rounded,
my will is collapsing,
my body's desire
expects no relief.
i hallucinate caresses,
your fingers fondling,
caressing, passing
over my pallor,
defining my shape and
my soul. i am yours,
and whatever you will me
to be, i am.

Written for my Master, the sadist,
and published here with
his permission and his praise.
Everything I do is for him.

1 comment:

Paul said...

OG, love comes in many forms, yours is one of the more unusual and most beautiful.
Love and warm hugs,