Saturday, February 27, 2010

I want to make you hard. I want to make you wet.

Even the most submissive writer has a dominant streak.

I will admit to mine. Like any good dom(me), I want to manipulate your emotions, your physical responses, using the knowledge I have gained over time about what moves you, what arouses you, what will make you comment, what will make you touch yourself, what will have you crawling back to my little blog home day after day so that I can play with you again and again.

Of course, I have my own tastes. My own preferences. While to my Master I am (among other things) a little whore to be lent to his friends for his own amusement, while to my Master I am a little whore who must think of only their pleasure, not mine, here what I will do to you is bound by what pleases me.

There. See? That last paragraph... calculated... how many of you were turned on by that fantasy (as long as, perhaps, it only remains a fantasy) of the one who controls you giving you to another for an evening? Think of your talents being shown off. Think of living up to the stories that have been told about you. Think of concentrating on giving pleasure to the one who is using you, and therefore making the one who holds your chain very, very proud.

Or perhaps you would like to contemplate something else.

What if you were the one to whom my Master said - here.
Take her off with you for a few hours.
During that time you may treat her as if she were yours.
Whatever you'd like.
Enjoy her body.
Kiss her.
Caress her.
Fuck her.
Your choice of holes.
Any or all.
Or perhaps you'd like to hurt her?
Spank her.
Whip her.
Cane her.
Tighten your hands around her neck.
Leave her body covered with bruises.
Make her beg you for mercy.
Or do you have a soft spot in your heart for her?
Perhaps you want to make love to her.
Gentle, sensual, orgasmic, thoughtful.
Whatever you want.
Man or woman or anything in between.
Have her.
Use her.
Fuck her.
Enjoy her.
Hurt her.
Whatever you want.
And then tell me about it afterwords.

What if you received that invitation from my Master in your Inbox.

Did any of this make you wet? Let me touch you and see. Let me touch you gently and see. Let me sweetly suck your tits, nibbling, while I fondle your cunt and pull you down to lie next to me. Explore me as I explore you.... searching mouths... responsive nipples... hands here and there... legs tightening around each other... pubic hair weaving together... my clitoris wishing it were a cock so it could nestle deep inside you...

Did any of this make you hard? Do you want to stop my talking with your tongue? With your fingers? With your cock? Do you want to bury your hands in my long thick hair and pull my head towards you, towards your mouth or down into your lap? Do you think of my body and then think of leather, of chains, of rope, of spreader bars, of anything you could use to immobilize me as you seek to explore the edges of the pleasure you can extract from me?

Did you think of gagging me?
Oh, don't think of gagging me.
Don't waste hearing the song of my screams.

Did you think of fucking me?
Do think of fucking me.
Think of diving deep inside
my mouth and cunt and
tight little butt hole,
with tongue and fingers
and vibrator and dildo
and strap-on cock and fleshy erection.
Make me moan,
make me beg,
make me cry and
make me whimper.
make me grunt
and scream and pant
as you grow wetter,
as you grow harder,
as you grow wilder,
until you cum,
until I cum,
until my Master
sitting in the corner
or outside in his car
listening on the cell phone
gives his approval
of how I have pleased you
and gives me permission
to kneel at his feet.

Oh no... I'm not horny tonight...


Spanking photo blog said...

Hello, you have a very nice blog here!

best regards


charlie said...

Of course you did! The Dom is there in all of us, to a point with you, especially with your Sadists there in the shadows. And I'm sure that your were dripping like a flowing river by the end of the writing.

Paul said...

OG, of course you're not dear girl.

Have you thought of starting a little business, in a back street, somewhere behind the White House.

Call it Resurrection Partners, it's motto, we give you back what you thought you'd lost.

After reading you I sometimes feel as if I've lost fifty years, which would put me in my mid twenties. :D

I leave the rest to your imagination, I'm sure it's up t it. ;)
Love and warm hugs,

oatmeal girl said...

Thank you, Enzo. Words can be at least as powerful as photos, if not more so, because there are no limits to the pictures we form in our minds.

charlie - it's the delight that comes from manipulation. Calculation. With my Master, he always has the final power, because if I manipulate his responses it is at his command. But with my readers, when I get into this mood, it is just me. The slave's revenge...

I'll be curious to see if this is one of those posts that gets returned to again and again.

Paul, you sweet thing. I am delighted to serve as your fountain of youth. Did I trigger a youthful fountain?

I haven't actually thought of hitting the streets, but it has occurred to me that I would do very well at phone sex. Now if only I could line up a few steady customers who paid well for my services... If I could bring in $200 a week, I wouldn't need to rent out the basement bedroom, which my Master now rightly calls HIS room.

Liras said...

Oatmeal Girl, you have such a naughty head!

nancy said...

Oh very nice..and of course you did!
I've always thought phone sex would be the perfect way to bring in a few $$ !
I wouldn't be at all surprised if this post is reread over and over!

oatmeal girl said...

Liras, I do have a very naughty head. And your choice of words has managed to make me feel very squirmy, even though I've been feeling sick and weak all day.

I think I need a girl to come over and lick me...

nancy, this post could indeed be one of those that gets bookmarked, It drew a huge readership. (I admit, the title was designed to do just that.) My stats shot up, even though I didn't post on Sunday. Yet look at the comments. Shouldn't there be more complete strangers here? After they wanked off to my words, did they bother to say thank you ma'am, that was just so hot I made a mess of my computer screen? Did anyone congratulate me on helping her give her new vibrator a good workout?

They just use me and toss me away like some dirty tissue... (she sniffs, and adds to her own pile of dirty tissues...)

nixie said...

i have been reading your blog for a long time but now i simply have to comment - this was a brilliant use of words and you are right, words are much more powerful than pictures (if they are the right words). Keep up the good work and i'm sure you'll make your master proud.

oatmeal girl said...

nixie, thank you so much! kind words are like a caress, especially when they arrive from a new reader for the first time.