Sunday, February 7, 2010

Still beauty

There's a special beauty to everything after a big snowstorm. The air is still and clean, the shadows are sharp and clear, and the light... the glorious sun magnified a million times by the triumphant white blanket that covers the ground.

I don't even mind the shoveling, although I admit that it was daunting to contemplate tunneling my way to the street when the snow reached up over my knees. 31 inches or so. But all on my own I made it out to the street before taking refuge with an 80 year old neighbor 2 doors down who, being around the corner, had not lost power. As happy for my company as I was for hers, she plied me with coffee, a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and delightful conversation as we sat on the floor in her sun-filled dining room while my BlackBerry recharged. It felt so good to be taken care of!

Being without power for a day and a half was rough. When it finally came on this afternoon, the re-functioning thermostat read 47 degrees. Fahrenheit. Last night I slept in all my clothes under a massive pile of blankets while the cats' ears grew colder and colder.

I went to sleep at 9:30. It was too dark and cold to do anything else. Part of me wasn't ready to sleep. I wondered if masturbating would settle me down and warm me up. It's nice to fall asleep after an orgasm. But I don't own my orgasms, so this was not an option, and I was in fact too cold to even feel like it. So I burrowed down under the layers and wrapped myself in thoughts of the sadist. His body would have kept me warm in so many ways.

As I drifted off, my cunt smiled at memories of his flogger.


Paul said...

OG, I'm glad that you are alright.
Our civilisation (sic)is so power orientated that we are quite debilitated without it.
Do you actually live in the District of Columbia, apropos of this, I'll bet that The White House has emergency generators.
Love and warm hugs,

charlie said...

Life can become very simple once the amenities of modern day life are removed. Some days it is a nice refreshing break (as long as you have heat).I know that Washington freaks out with 4 inches of snow, so I can imagine what it was like with this past weekend's storm. Thank god that the conference I go to every year is in March-April.

Jayne's Master said...

Thats a great way to describe it ''I dont own my orgasms'' I like that.. it exactly describes my situation too.
Jayne xx

oatmeal girl said...

I live in the Maryland suburbs north of the infamous Beltway. And I sure hope the White House has huge emergency generators. however, their power is much less likely to go than ours. Montgomery County is blessed with many big tress, which unfortunately make us particularly prone to power outages.

Charlie, DC freaks out over a mere half inch of snow This was 31 inches, and shutting down the city was a wise move. Keeping people off the streets makes it easier to clean them and cuts down on accidents which would really shut the city down. The problem, of course, is the area is inadequately prepared for this amount of snow (not to mention the 10-20 new inches currently on their way). So many residential streets won't have been cleared before the new batch lands.

And what exactly are the dates of this conference you've been dangling at me for months?

Jayne's Master - welcome and thanks for commenting! The phrase is a statement of reality. I really don't own them. They really do belong to the sadist. He doles them out to me, one by one, almost never, for HIS pleasure. Mine is a side effect. This is my reality. And I love it.