Friday, April 11, 2008


[for the philosopher.
the rest of you are eavesdropping.]

there are bonds
far stronger than hemp
surer than iron
stronger than steel
and pain far greater than any
your poetic sadism
could make me feel.

i belong to you.
this isn't a game.
there are pockets of air in the house where you stood.
your spirit lingers in your chair.
a membrane of reality keeps your hand from my ass.
distance is a construct. we can destroy it.
doubt is a fallacy. we can deny it.
WE are reality. we can embrace it.

i can't imagine my life without you
and i don't intend to try.

yes, we can.
we can do this.
we are doing it.

and if i'm crazed enough to strip off my clothes before posting to my blog just because you told me to, then i am crazed enough to see this through.

as are you.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy eavesdropping at your place, OG.