Thursday, April 3, 2008

talk amongst yourselves

knowing that one has done a good deed nourishes the soul. oh yeah, and the ego gets polished a little, too. still it doesn't hurt if on top of all that there is a more measurable reward.

i really do want to help Z. (Go back and read here about Z and her plight and here about how an orgy of sex bloggers is using blatant exhibitionism to help out a friend. And then please give. Every bit helps. End of pledge break.)

the thing is, right after word of the Boob Fest appeared around the blogosphere, my stats skyrocketed. (you're right, i shouldn't have known that, but i knew it might be happening and had to look. the philosopher sort of forgave me, but he'll make me pay. happy kitten!) hordes of new people stopped by, some read more than one page, and some have been coming back. to all of you, welcome.

one lovely thing about having new readers is that all but the most obsessed have not read my earlier entries. this is particularly useful now, as i am heading for that southern-most suburb of New York City known as Florida. somewhat to everyone's surprise, including their own, my aged parents (87 and 90) are still alive and functioning and planning everything tighter than the philosopher's hands around my throat. not that i'm complaining, as they have managed to unload their condo and are moving back north into a very good continuing care community where they have friends and security when they eventually need more care. i'm incredibly lucky. another few weeks and i don't have to worry any more about catastrophe - at least not as far as they are concerned.

however, it does mean i have to go down and help them pack and put up with their incredible obsessiveness. and the way the philosopher controls me is utter laissez-faire compared to what they try to do. but it's only for 2 nights. and i get a lot of points for it...

yes, i have issues with my parents.

the philosopher knows me well enough by now that he has ordered me to refrain from blogging while i am gone. he is a very protective sadist, and wants to limit my stress. i'll be checking e-mails, and maybe writing things if i am possessed by creativity. but i won't post until sunday night, and then perhaps only briefly.

meanwhile, may i suggest you go back to the beginning. read everything by the philosopher. pick your favorite label. fyi: i've noticed interest lately in the anal sex pieces, and have plans for a post on my research on why men are so hot for it. this will include a quote from dominick. if anyone wants to weigh in on the matter here, i would be delighted. what's so great about shoving your long fat hard cock into a tight little puckered anus anyway?

don't be shy... speak up. extra credit for comments of more than 3 sentences.

ps - i am becoming quite fascinated by the work accounts some of you are using for reading smut. looks like we've got some people indulging their lusts while selling cars and insurance. and you wouldn't believe what is going on behind the ivy-covered walls of some of America's most illustrious academic institutions...


RoseRed775 said...

Ahhhhh.....the joy of parental pressure!

I envy the people that had great relationships with their folks growing up, or the folks that had a rocky start with Mom and Dad that worked it out with them as they aged.

My tale is an all too common (and boring) one filled with angry words and misunderstandings. Thanks for posting this.

I applaud your commitment.

p.s.(I needed a ego boost so I donated to Z. See you Sunday!!!)

Phil said...

Hey! I'm going to be in Florida this coming week too! Let's get together and act out everything we've ever written on our blogs! LOL!

Anonymous said...

More than three sentences, eh?

1) Thanks again for the support for Z.

2) Ah. My parents passed a number of years ago, too young. My relationship with them wasn't always stress-free, but I do miss my mother especially now.

3) Anal sex. Okay... I love it. I don't know why. It's not just some rebellious, oh I love pain, kind of thing. There's a physical component that means orgasms I have during anal sex are especially intense. I think it may be the extra pressure... from the right angle, everything pushes forward, and I think just gives the g-spot that much extra attention. I think. I don't know. I just love it. :)


Sulpicia said...

One day I woke up and every guy I knew wanted anal sex. It happened in my late 20s so in the 90s. Why? I do NOT know. Did every man suddenly watch Last Tango in Paris? I doubt it. Did porn suddenly send out anal vibes when it hadn't before? Possibly. All I know is that one day I was having pussy sex and the next I felt prodding in the other orifice. I've never figured out what happened. Good luck with your research and good luck with your parents!