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From the day the philosopher first wrote this for me, this has been my favorite story of his. In truth, that is due to the last three words They were written but 10 days after we met on line, but somehow they struck me as being more than just an appropriate ending for the story.

Like Dickens, the philosopher published serially. The installments came in gaps of perhaps 5-15 minutes, but I devoured each one on arrival and then waited impatiently for the next one. Of course, I also fired off responses to each section, including the observation that I had cum partway through. I've left out my comments along the way, but have inserted indications of the segments. I did, however, leave my response to the last three words.

Coming as this story did after my story Cold, I had already been given the identity of kitten. But in those days there was a tigress side that used to emerge as well, and it is that beast which is reflected in the story. As my submission has deepened, the tigress has all but disappeared. This wasn't a deliberate decision on my part, merely a reflection of the powerful impact the philosopher has on my consciousness.

Finally, note that I received this last year on the night before Valentine's Day.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

by the philosopher
Tuesday, 13 February 2007

She is a shadow. Less than a shadow, a mere whispered legend, of a beast that haunts the deep forest. Strange howls, which are probably the wind, are heard on certain nights. Young men of the town are occasionally found, scratches on their back, dazed from exhaustion, unable to say what happened to them.

But nobody has ever seen her.

I will see her. I will find the beast, and capture her, and bring her back.

I set my trap. . .baited with the sweetest fruits, and wild honeycomb. . .my instincts tell me that this is what the she-devil craves. And I wait.

Darkness falls, and the woods are silent except for the occasional owl-call.

For hours I wait, in the dark and the cold, until. . .

She is there. A fragrance fills my nostrils, I taste her scent on the night air. I see nothing yet, but a rustling of the brush tells me my trap is well baited. . .

A shadow approaches. . .
- - -
She doesn't see me, so intent is she on filling her belly with treats. The juices run down her chin, so careless is her greed. She is hunger personified. . .a lust that will never be satisfied, or tamed. . .

Or tamed. . .

I will tame her.

In one quick motion, I throw the net. . .it spins through the air, and covers her completely. She howls, and trys to escape, but I am upon her. . .

I tie the net closed, and wrap my arms around her, thinking nothing of the bites and scratches she lavishes upon me. I allow her rage to spend itself. . .then, grabbing a fistful of her hair, I force her head back. I hold her gaze for several long seconds, smiling when she is the first to look away.

Then I force my tongue into her mouth, again not caring when she bites my lip and draws blood. The stab of pain only inflames my lust, and increases my desire to possess her.
- - -
I kiss her through the net that still enwraps her body, my tongue arrogantly probing as deep as I can. When I pull away, she is gasping for breath, and just ever so slightly less resistant.

Still she struggles, more so when she sees the smile on my face, the smile that means that I intend to take full advantage of the situation.

Still grasping her hair, I cut away the net with a small sharp knife, leaving it around her legs to prevent her escape, and tying shreds around her wrists, binding them behind her back.

I then throw her to the ground.

Captured she is, but not yet tame.

Not yet.
- - -
She is an animal, a spirit of the woods, an arrogant sylvan goddess. She has never wanted for anything, taking what she desires from anywhere. . .or anyone she wants. The forest is her realm, and I an impertinent intruder.

But the goddess is about to learn that she is no longer in charge. Her days of power are over.

The first lesson is the most direct. I pull her to my knees, expose my massive erection, and again grabbing her hair, force it between her lips. She almost seems to forget herself, gobbling it down like it was a piece of fruit, but when she looks up and sees me watching her, anger flashes through her eyes. I firmly grab her jaw in a vice-like grip to discourage any biting. . .but something tells me this is not necessary.

In a few seconds I am roaring with pleasure, and dripping down her chin. . .her tongue sweeps across her lips, as she strives to swallow every last drop, and as she strives to comprehend her new situation. . .her pleasure comes last. . .
- - -
Her skilled, savage mouth has brought me to orgasm. . .but I am far from satisfied. I lift her up and throw her over my shoulder. I will take her back to camp, where her education will continue.

Once there, I put a collar around her neck, and fasten a long chain to it, the other end of which I tie to a stake in the earth. She is now a captive, with only as much freedom as I allow.

I stand just out of reach as she flies at me, trying to scratch my eyes out. She has never been so treated, and I can't help noticing the effect it has on her. Her nipples are hard, and I don't need to see the wetness between her thighs. . .her jungle scent fills the air.

When she has tired herself out a bit more, I strike again. . .lesson two. I throw her on her hands and knees, and enter her from behind, like a fox mounting his bitch. . .as in truth you soon will be. My pet my slave, my sexual plaything.

But that is a way off yet. The only thing you are aware of now is the burning pleasure in your cunt, as I thrust deep and hard, and pull out slow and gentle, then thrust again.

You squeal with each thrust and moan with each withdrawal, until together we establich a raucous rhythm, a profane music with which we entertain the dark forest.

The campfire burns out long before we tire of our grappling, but eventually we fall to the ground, spent and exhausted.

You couldn't escape if you wanted, given the chain around your neck. . .and as you lie there, a strange alien thought drifts through your mind unbidden, yet strangely welcome:

You don't want to.
- - -
I am awakened in the early morning, by a soft gentle nibbling at my cock. I open my eyes to find the beast sucking me with her preternatural skill. The lessons have had their effect. . .

I pull her to me, and we fuck again, gentler this time, but still wild and savage.

When we are done, she looks at me as if she expects to be let go. I have had my fun, but it's over now.

Little does she know.

I was not looking for a roll in the hay, or a cheap thrill. I am looking to ravish, to possess, to own.

I flip her over, and force her into a kneeling position. I spread her buttocks with my hands. . . those proud muscular buttocks. . .and bring the very tip of my cock to rest between them. I give her a second to realize the inevitable, and then I thrust.

Her howls, I am told, are heard from miles away.
- - -
I bathe her in a nearby stream. She is limp with exhaustion, and I have removed her collar.

There is no more resistance in her.

I put her in a wooden cage, that I have fashioned expressly for this purpose, and I tie a leather band around her ankle: My insignia.

I drape a cloth over the cage, and then I ride back into town, pulling the cage, and the treasure it possesses.

I bring it to the center of town, where people have gathered to see. They had thought I had gone to my doom, and were now thinking that I was attempting some fraud.

The crowd gasps as one, when the cloth is pulled back; a woman shrieks with terror. Never have they seen such savage beauty, such raw sensuality. . .and to see it caged is beyond imagining.

Suddenly a man calls out "I will give you a hundred sovereigns for her! For one night!" Soon you are at the center of a lusty auction, each male, and a few of the females, in the crowd desperate to have you, if even for a moment.

I silence the crowd with a gesture. I reach through the bars of the cage and run my fingers through your hair. Then, without raising my voice, as if I am merely stating a plain fact, I seal your fate:
- - -
"She is mine"
- - - -
Thank you.

That was the right answer.


Anonymous said...

Very sexy... and very perceptive for so early in your relationship.

oatmeal girl said...

it was extraordinary. i just want to hug it to myself.

naked, of course...