Thursday, April 10, 2008

Naked Blogger Alert

Especially for someone who professes to be so deeply submissive, I have been an awfully disobedient slave kitten lately.

I've been looking at my stats. A lot. I broke down and looked when we first began the Boobs for Bucks drive on behalf of Z. My master was not at all pleased, as he had banned them totally (banned stats, that it, not boobs), but he seemed to understand my wanting to see the effect of the sudden publicity. I wasn't punished. And I chose to take that to mean the ban was off. I should have known he would catch up with me eventually.

As I said, he was not pleased. He sees me becoming obsessed. He threatened to limit me to but one post a week. I protested, saying I'd lose my audience. I've got a new wave of readers since persephone put me on her blog roll (thanks, meg!). I do love the attention, especially since I saw (before I lost my stat privileges) that some of you newcomers are coming back for more. And I really loved seeing readers turn up from places I've lived. (Hej, Stockholm! Hola, Buenos Aires! GO BLUE!!!!)

But alas, no more. Except on special occasions. And who do you think the judge will be for that!

Anyway, he relented about cutting me back to one post a week. But he is a clever master, must come from being a philosopher, and he devised a cunning form of blogging bondage. I am only allowed to blog naked. It definitely limits my activities.

So here I am, at nearly 11 pm, sitting naked on the bed, the laptop on (of all places) my lap. Marko's at the foot of the bed - he always hovers nearby when I'm doing anything connected with the philosopher. He may be a bit of a wimp, that cat, but he's protective and possessive.

I'm not even under the covers as it's too damn hot in the house.

My cunt is covered by my PowerBook (yes of course I'm a Mac person!) but you can still see my tits. Or you would if you were here. Or if you'd all shell out just a bit to help rescue Z. I sure wish we could push it over into our first thousand at least.

I really do have stunning nipples. They're my mother's nipples. It's quite odd to think of one's mother having such sexy, exhibitionist nipples, but she does. And so do I. My sister has declared her jealousy that I inherited them. And my master is obsessed with them.

You know those bras with a bit of padding to help one retain one's modesty where respectability is recommended? You can still see the tips of my tits poking through. They look erect even when they're not. Just begging to be tortured, my nipples are.

Ooh, they ARE erect now. Just the idea of being looked at...

So I'll be blogging naked until further notice. And not peeking at my stats. And practicing music every day. And trying to be a very obedient slave kitten.

Maybe one day I'll get it right.


Anonymous said...

Wow... extremely curious to see these stunning nipples now. Perhaps someone will donate $2000 just to see them!

Helga Hansen said...

Mmmm... now, I must confess to liking nipples. I've been told mine are rather yummy... and as you now know, I have one of them pierced...

I'd love to blog naked, but having a teenage son in the house sort of ends that desire!

oatmeal girl said...

taking off my clothes purely to be allowed to write makes the entire act of blogging into a ritual for the benefit of the philosopher rather than an act of self-indulgence.

as for my nipples, in some ways i think they are more impressive clothed than revealed, as they demonstrate their refusal to be contained by mere cloth. but having seen the photo of helga's brazenly beringed nipple, i'm inclined to boast less about my own.