Wednesday, April 9, 2008

kitten waxes sentimental

tonight i should write a sadistic sexy story,
a tale of lust and spanking
stuffed with salacious search terms
to lure the celibate and horny.
or perhaps it should be an essay,
feminist, ironic,
smartly suitable output
for a sex-crazed slut
of a submissive slave kitten.

but no.
not tonight.
tonight i am
by waves
of warmth,
cradled in feelings
too tender to name.

tears fill my eyes
salt like the sea
and i float
i float
i'm rocked by the tide
in perfect trust
i have no doubts
i know no fear
his special treasure
his sweetest possession
afloat on feelings
too tender to name.


Akrazael said...

A beautiful ebb and tide of words!

Mina said...

Very lovely... follow your heart.

oatmeal girl said...

thank you, both of you.

and yes, we are following our hearts. there's no mapquest for where we are going, and three times we've been swallowed by giant sink holes. but we hauled ourselves out and somehow we're going to make this work.

because i can't imagine it any other way.