Monday, April 28, 2008

The Orchid Room

A story inspired by a visit to the botanical gardens with an old friend and lapsed lover during an intimate visit conducted with the philosopher's permission. Details of THAT in a future episode. Meanwhile, this, from 10 April 2007.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
there is a very fat log above the path, just before a little bridge, with orchids growing from the top.

especially as a philosopher, you have some unexpected connections, and arrange for us to stay past closing.

these situations usually signal some expression of your cruel imagination, so i am disconcerted, but say nothing.

you order me to remove my clothes. i start to protest, but sensing it is hopeless, i obey, muttering under my breath about the things you subject me to.

you bind my hands in front of me, throw a heavy rope over the log, and raise my hands high above my head. with ropes around the posts at the end of the little bridge, you tie my legs apart.

walking around your helpless slave, you admire the view, probing here and there just to incite my curses. then reaching into the lush undergrowth, you pull out a previously unnoticed basket of vines and orchids, some on long stems and some individual flowers.

with studied deliberation, you wind the vines around my naked form, weaving in stems of orchids while inserting other blossoms into my hair, my bush, behind my ears, frequently stepping back to admire your handiwork and taking photos of your creation as it progresses. since you cannot avoid caressing my skin as you adorn it, i am soon moaning and writhing as best i can within the bondage of the ropes.

you smile at my distress.

finally, your work is complete. you look with pleasure at the piece of living art your slave has become. there is one last test. you insert a finger into the cavern between my thighs. you withdraw it covered with nectar.

satisfied, you pull over a small stool, also considerately left for you, and bury your tongue between my dripping labia.

it is time for the bee to gather honey

= = = = =

As I harvest your wild honey. . .careful not to spill a drop. . .

I inhale deeply, taking in the jungle scent of the orchids, and your excitement.

My kitten is a savage nymph. . .a sylvan goddess with bottomless passion. She dances naked through the woods, and bathes in mountain lakes. . .frolicking with the birds and the beasts.

But I have captured her, for a moment, and that passion is mine to play with for a while. . .

And I take advantage of it. . .tasting, touching, hearing. . .drowning in your body. . .

And your howls of desire can be heard for miles. . .

= = = = = =

you feed your desire, but only tease and incite mine.

i writhe with longing as your tongue plunders the honey comb.

i beg for release, but my tears only harden your resolve to display your mastery, as they harden the weapon growing between your thighs.

finally you cut me down, but for your purposes, not out of pity.

you lead my by my bound hands into the next room and lay me down in a bed of greenery. my hands are tied above my head to sprinkler pipe.

you spread my legs and gaze fondly at the sight within, as i whimper softly...

= = = = = = =

Your moans. . .desperation mixed with raw desire. . .inflame me.

I kneel between your legs, and spread them wide. . .wider. . ! Although I have been lapping greedily at your dripping cunt. more honey flows, more than I could ever guzzle down. . .

I take out my cock. . .huge and erect by now. . .and place the very tip against your glistening lips. . .

But I do not want to end your torture too soon. . .I want to hear you beg for it. . .

Do you want it, kitten. . .do you want me to fuck you?

= = = = = = = = = =

please, Master...

you know i want you to fuck me

i am weeping for it
(for real)
my desire for you devours me
it never stops devouring me

i ache to feel deep within me how totally you possess me
your cock within me says it more definitely
than all the poetic words you send me

please fuck me
please cum within me
flood me with the fountain of your life,
with the cataract that rushes from your source
and paint my cunt with the colors of your soul

i am yours.

claim me.

= = = = = = =

Not yet, kitten. . .

I untie your hands, and lift you into a kneeling position, your hands tied behind your back. . .

I thrust into your mouth. . .

Suck me kitten. . .

= = = = = = = =

everything i feel for you goes into loving you with my mouth...
can you tell?

can you hear it in my moans of pleasure
as i feel the pleasure i am giving you?

i feel you grown even bigger as my tongue caresses you.
i am bound, you invaded my mouth,
but i suck on you with joy.

the world vanishes
you and i vanish
nothing exists but your cock and my mouth
and the tears that express my gratitude for being able to serve your lust.

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