Thursday, April 24, 2008

To the philosopher, with love and twitches

feeling twitchy
very sexy

need a spanking
want to suck you

perky nipples
swollen cunt lips

soggy panties

do you sense it?
hot desire
pure submission
trust unthreatened
proffered buttocks
warm moist slave mouth
limbs to tether
flesh to torture
virgin rosebud
begging pussy
begging kitten
at your feet.

‘tis the spring, sir
i’m your fucktoy
squeeze your hands
around my throat, sir
use me for your
evil pleasure
take me in your
loving arms, sir
wipe my tears and
kiss my mouth that
screamed with pain and
drank your cum.

‘tis the spring and
i’m your kitten.
i’m your selkie
i’m your slave.
‘tis the spring but
i’ll be patient
and I’ll be here
when you’re done.

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