Sunday, January 25, 2009

Forgive me for bragging

I'm a little embarrassed to be doing this, but I've already told the philosopher and my demon muse and I obviously can't tell my parents although oh my, my mother would be so proud of me! And since there's no one left, I'll just have to tell you guys.

Today I received the following review from JanesGuide.

vamppick Original & Quality
submission & metaphor
This blog managed to move me today, and not just intellectually. It was so full of passion, pain, longing, love, and loss that I cried. It is written by Oatmeal Girl who describes herself as a submissive Jewish bisexual feminist baby boomer. A lot of the writing is in the form of poetry, and perhaps that is how it slipped into my heart and ravaged my emotions. She has a very well developed and intensely emotional style. It never seems overly fancy, and instead feels very raw and honest (like the talk of a good friend). She often speaks of love, but it isn't an easy love. It is the sort that rips through you, but that you couldn't and wouldn't want to live without. Here is an example of her writing, "I'm high on a cocktail of drugs, and they're each addictive on their own. Just imagine the potency of the alternate reality of subspace combined with the exhilaration of creative inspiration on top of that dependable stimulant, praise." On the flip-side of this ecstasy you'll find solemn and heartfelt poems that include moments like this, "I'm doing well now, master./ My moods don't bounce around/ the room. I held up my end, John./ Perhaps you'd love me now." I think that was the line that tore it for me. I fell in love with her myself. Great stuff! - Vamp


thedirtyblonde said...

External validation is always very nice, and you deserve the recognition and the thought that Vamp has put into explaining why you're special.

Louise said...

Ah, Vamp is right, your writing is always moving, and you'd better be proud than embarrassed! Be well, enjoy the praise. ;)

Paul said...

OG, you deserve every word.
Warm hugs,

mamacrow said...


oatmeal girl said...

Thanks, dirtyblonde. It does mean a lot to me that the review is so literate and intelligent. And yes, external validation is always very very nice.

I'm not embarrassed by the praise, Louise. I'm embarrassed by bragging about it.

Thanks, Paul. I can always count on your for hugs - even if they do come from across the pond.

Ooh, mamacrow! I suddenly picture you jumping up and down in a cheerleader's outfit!! (Do they even HAVE cheerleaders in England?)

I love you all.