Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Song of Service

The chain is pulling
tight around my neck and yet
inspiration blooms.

Poems spring up like flowers
in a sacred rain.
Metaphors mass in my mind,
AWOL no longer.
Words break from their prison and
dance upon the page.

I moan, and cum creation.
My demon muse has returned.


mamacrow said...

he's back?! metaphorically or actually?!

(hmph, I hope he apologised!)

Lovely poem, however :)

mamacrow said...

hmmm, I'm the only one that's commented on this... Hope I haven't put my foot in my mouth again :(

apologies if I have :)

oatmeal girl said...

He is actually back. I was going to say "in the flesh" but I haven't seen him yet. I've heard his voice, though. His stern, demanding, sexy voice.

Tonight I get to cum for him.

As for apologizing - no. He hasn't and I won't and I don't expect it and... let's just leave it that something went wrong. And now... we have another chance.

mamacrow said...

It feels ok if neither of you have appologised... kinda like you both have by saying nothing about it...

what feels unequal (and uneasy) is when one appologises and takes all the blame onto themselves...

you sound happy, so hoorah!

oatmeal girl said...

I haven't apologized, but I am trying to sort out why I reacted the way I did, why he expected something else, and what exactly he did expect. I am always learning.