Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kitten has a Date - Part 1

Please forgive the silence. I just haven't felt driven to write.

I've been feeling very peaceful.
Ever since the philosopher called last Friday.
Peaceful and centered and happy and not driven to write.

However, I did write a new ad for craigslist.
It's as if I can handle seeing other people better now that I feel more secure.

So I wrote a clever little ad which I won't reprint here, but which anyone who knows me as oatmeal girl would recognize in an instant. I advertised for a smart guy with extra points for being a dom.

Another reason for not posting more this week is that I've been fielding responses. And tonight I have a date. Movie followed by dinner.

He seems like a nice guy. Fairly close to my age, college teacher, world traveler, leftist - lefter than me.

Half Jewish, half Irish Catholic.

And married. In an open marriage. A committed marriage to a woman who is often out of the country.


Well almost. No sign of any interest in BDSM. But even if we just occasionally hang out and go to a movie or whatever, it will be very nice.

We'll see. I promise to report. And meanwhile, I have the satisfaction of being a very good girl and obeying the philosopher's instructions not to cut myself off. Because now I don't feel like he's trying to send me away. I feel as if he's looking after me.

Happy kitten.

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