Sunday, January 4, 2009

The selkie sits and edits

The selkie sits and stares
silently out to sea
content in her solitude.
No. Wrong. She doesn't stare. She isn't searching
The sea flows into her eyes
washing away the tears.
No. No tears now. Just a softness.
So OK, let's try this again.
The selkie sits and silently
swallows the sea into the
softness of her eyes,
content in her solitude.
No again. Sorry about that. Not silently.
There is an almost imperceptible hum,
a wordless song, but more shapeless
than a song. A little ribbon of sound.
Shall we take it from the top?
The selkie -
We are still talking about a selkie, right?

Yes, still the selkie. Try again.
The selkie, sitting, sends her strands of sounds out to the sky,
swallowing the sea into the softness of her eyes,
alone and yet content in -
I'm stuck. I was trying to put in something about "peaceful solitude" but it's not scanning.

That's ok. I was going to stop you anyway.
Not alone.
No solitude.
She doesn't feel alone.
Yes, I know, strictly speaking she's alone,
the red-haired Irish sea captain
gone on a voyage
lo these many years
no guarantee if and when he'll return
etc. etc.
Doesn't matter.
She doesn't feel alone.
There's this little warm glow...
I know.
It doesn't make sense.
But there it is.
Try again.
One last time.
The selkie sits and smiles.
Good girl.


Paul said...

OG, the Selkie will walk on shards of glass for the man she loves, and still smile.
This is beautiful, thank you.
Warm hugs,

baby girl said...

i love this. beautiful. :)

mamacrow said...

love this love this love this!!!

paul - shards of glass... reminds me of the orginal anderson Little Mermaid story... (not a lot like the disney version)

Anonymous said...


oatmeal girl said...

Oh Paul, I'd probably grimace and curse but yeah... I guess I'd do it :-)

Thank you, baby girl. I rather liked it when I wrote it, but am finding I like it more now.

mamacrow - yup, the original Hans Christian Andersen stories were remarkably dark. not the kind of thing you'd want to read to kids today.

Welcome back, marianne! And thank you. It really did come out of a struggle to write the damn thing. And not the kind of sexy struggle that involves ropes or a clutched hand wrapped around a hank of my hair, grown so it would be easier to grab.

i'm feeling much to peacefully happy these days...

mamacrow said...

can you be too peacefully happy? is that even possible? I'm definitely up for trying :/