Sunday, November 8, 2009

All is well

A week ago Saturday -
was it only last Saturday? -
he spanked me
and flogged me
and caned me
and tore at my heart
because I made him doubt me.
I sobbed
and I crawled
and I begged
his forgiveness
and swore that I loved him
and swore I was his.

Friday -
two days ago -
he came here at lunchtime.
He pushed himself against me,
he spanked me for pleasure,
and he let me
his cock.
And partway through,
he pulled me up on my knees
and his eyes kissed mine
and he gently stroked my head
and I was his angel
and I was his pet
and he moaned with such pleasure,
I gave him such pleasure,
I served with such pleasure
that I knew all was well.

I am his treasure.
I am his pet.
And I know all is well.


Paul said...

OG, lovely, thank you, it does my heart good to know that all is well between you.
Love and warm hugs,

nancy said...

I am so glad to read this!
Enjoy such peace.. there is nothing better

mamacrow said...

And totally off topic but wanted to let u know that i had the baby a couple of hours ago and all is well xx

oatmeal girl said...

mamacrow - a couple of hours ago!!! And you're already posting here?! You're crazy - but thank you, I've been wondering what was doing.

Paul - yes, all is well, although there will always be ups and downs, as in any intense relationship between two volatile people.

nancy - thank you. I'm enjoying the peace. While it lasts...

Lydia said...

oatmeal girl, have u ever had any comments from petitmort?? he has protected his blog, I cannot read it now .. I need to contact him, can u help? can anyone help?

mamacrow said...

og - i have a phone that has wap or whatever it is, so connecting can be as easy a text ;-)