Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The World's Greatest Cocksucker

OK, I exaggerate.
I'm not really The World's Greatest Cocksucker.
Not yet, anyway.

But I'm in training.

So I can't spend a lot of time writing tonight. Because I have exercises to do. A total of 15 minutes. 30 seconds of this. 15 seconds of that. Then back to the other thing. Then something else. And not just meaningless exercises but with explanations of what function each action takes in the process.

Because, of course, it's not just a question of getting the guy to cum. It's the pleasure he has along the way. And my problem, it seems, is that I am so good and so creative that I get all caught up in doing the interesting moves, which are meant to spice things up, and am (big confession here) too bored with the standard pumping away on his cock with my mouth that I don't do enough of it.

Back to basics.
Or, more accurately, time to learn the basics.
Or time to accept that I'm just going to have to work on the basics.
Boredom or not.

Because, as I've reminded you all before
(join me on the chorus now)
It's not about me.
It's all about him.
Now if only some of you guys lived in the neighborhood, I could use you as crash test dummies. Lab rats. Experimental subjects. Volunteer cocks. But given the situation, I'll have to practice on some of my own fingers and use Marko's snores as a stand-in for the moans I am absolutely positive I would elicit.

I really am very good.

Just imagine me bent over your cock, my mouth warm and wet, my tongue pressing against you, my red hair falling down around my face, my head bobbing up and down...

Anyone hard yet?


Anonymous said...



Paul said...

OG, my wife would be delighted if you could do that, so would I!
I read all your posts and your comments.
Love and warm hugs,

Luna Mauvaise said...

A man once told me that all women claim to be experts, but he's only met two. LOL Maybe you've met him, as well?

oatmeal girl said...

Oh right, James, you're not that far away... ;-) Maybe I should auction off the right to be my cock dummy for my practice sessions, to help cover the mortgage next month when I'll be without a housemate...

Your wife, Paul? Does that mean you've remarried? If that's the case, mazel tov!

Luna - the first time my Master allowed my tongue to approach his cock, he was very disappointed with my performance. But I think that's because I was feeling too tentative. once I had a proper go at it, he was completely blown away. Still, there's all this basic work I need to practice, just bobbing my head up and down, keeping the angle right, keeping the pressure right, etc. etc... I may not be a complete expert now, but I suspect I will be by the time my Master's done with me. Are you still in touch with that man? Maybe we can up his count to 3.

Diable Incarne said...

Hard? not hardly. I am terribly jaded and require much more than that brief description and the rather clinical description of your exercises - as Luna can attest to...

I have only met a few women who were honest about *not* being skill in the art of fellatio. Most have received too many accolades from guys who were just happy to get a mouth on their cocks at all.

As long you please your Master, or others, if he allows, then that should suffice.

To anwer Luna's question - No, you have not met me.

To answer your question - Yes, she is very much still in touch with me.

Up my count? Thank you for the offer. Are you in the New Orleans area?

Just so you know, I have no idea of how many have sucked my cock since High School many years ago. I only remember the best of them - Luna being one...


Happy Sunday. I hope you had a pleasant weekend.