Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wordless comfort

He said not a word.
And yet he said everything.

He came for his needs
and yet he met mine.
He nearly was tender,
he nearly was gentle,
he nearly caressed me
and said not a word.

I cried.
He came through the door
and I cried.
He eyed me and touched me
and sent me downstairs -
with a nod of his head
he sent me downstairs,
and I knew I was safe
and I knew I was treasured
and only with him
could I cry.

And as for the rest,
it went on as always,
and yet it was different,
it all tasted different,
the torture was lighter,
the kisses were sweeter,
I knelt to his cock
and my mouth and tongue loved him,
I gave him my eyes
and he drank that I loved him,
I served his desire
and he honored my grief,
he said not a word
but accepted my grief,
as I sucked on his cock
and fondled his balls
and offered up scenes
igniting his fantasies,
yielding my mouth
to the cock that belongs there
and glowed at the sounds
of pleasure and need.

And then I spoke of how I loved him
and he roared.

And he came.

And after he was gone, I held my usual position down on the ground. His last action, before heading upstairs, was to drape his chain across my naked back like a cold, hard, warm embrace of ownership. And I sobbed and sobbed and knew he was there for me.

Even though he never said a word.

Written for this blog at the suggestion of my Master.


Florida Dom said...

Another very well written post on that captures an erotic scene. Your Master must be proud of you.


Paul said...

OG, actions speak so much louder than words.
His actions inspired you to excel yourself, which you did.
Love and warm hugs,

mamacrow said...

lovely lovely looooovely xx

Anonymous said...

The intimacy of this offering has me in tears. Truly lovely, og.

Thank you.

nancy said...

Made me cry, again.
Sometimes that "nearly ".. is too much to much to bear.
Thank you for sharing so much.

oatmeal girl said...

FD - curiously, I never thought of it in erotic terms. It was the closeness, the comfort, his being there...

Paul - he would never say in words what he said by his presence, and would probably deny intending what I took from the visit. But there it was...

Thank you, mamacrow. It was. Lovely.

Anonymous, whichever anonymous you are, yes. Intimacy. Beautiful, sweet intimacy. Though if any of you had seen it, you would have realized it wasn't quite how you imagined it.

nancy - thank you for sharing my tears.