Monday, November 16, 2009

My Master wants to fuck my crying face

These are my Master's words.
This is my Master's desire.
This is my welcomed fate.

The tears I want,
the sobs I lust for,
the audible, visible,
and tactile outpouring
I will take from you
derive from your
knowledge of the fact
that you
that you are
of anything
except that
which you believe is
my will,
my desire.
when I slide
my cock
and out
of your
I am
your abject

[The above was originally sent to me in prose format, followed by unrequested permission to post any or all of it if I wished. I wished.]


Luna Mauvaise said...

"...I am literally fucking your abject surrender."

Oh my wow. Your Master sounds so delicious here.

oatmeal girl said...

Yup, Luna. Exactly. This reveals so much of him. His sadism, his poetry (although he sent it to me as a prose message), his intensity, his power... he is pushing me. He will, quite likely, eventually destroy me. But oh, as I fall, it will feel like I'm flying!

Florida Dom said...

Your Master sounds like he knows what he wants and he takes it and you sound like you're thrilled that he does and keeps pushing you. It sounds like you're very well matched and I hope you let us follow you on the journey.


mamacrow said...

oh wow!

Paul said...

OG, your Demon Muse knows exactly how to push your buttons.
I echo Mamacrow, WOW!!!
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

My dearest Oatmeal Girl, I adore your blog and I am thrilled you have found your Master.

But let me tell you, Missy, you had better be using poetic license when you claim that "He will, quite likely, eventually destroy me."

Please explain. Because if you mean that in a literal way, I plan to come to your neighborhood and kick your fanny however long it takes for you to come to your senses.

Seriously. Poetic license? okay. Literal belief? Not okay. No f**king way. So as a longtime fan, I would appreciate a clarification at your convenience.

Mamacrow and Paul, I *am* right about this, am I not? Hot D/s interaction is great. Actual destruction? Not so fabulous. Or am I missing something?

Miss A

nancy said...

Echos Mamacrow.. WOW!

As for destroying you.. I know or think I do.. what you mean by this.
"You" as you are today .. will be changed and reborn.
Kinda like growth - At least that's my take on it.
It's happened to me when in contact with a particularly strong Dom.
If I thought it were anything other than that.. sure I'd be worried!