Sunday, November 15, 2009

Searched and found

They come to me in many ways. I scatter comments like breadcrumbs, and fans generously insert me into their blogrolls even though I don't really keep one myself. Sometimes I'm favored with a fleshbotting, which sounds awfully like some sort of sadistic punishment (Please, my Master, not that, anything but a fleshbotting! I won't be able to sit for a week! No, please, no, no, AAAH... [hideous scream of agony]) Plus Jane's Guide keeps sending people over from that lovely review, and now The Spanking Universe refers perverts who, I am sure, will on the whole be more disappointed than not.

My favorite referrals, however, are searches.

I've been keeping a list. I used to note them all down, as they fascinated me, every last one of them. Now I don't bother with the boring ones, as they became repetitive - may I cum, for example, makes a regular reappearance. Some of them are clearly attempts to find me again when the reader can't remember my name or the blog's name. What else could explain spanking "seasonal affective disorder" "spanking stories"?

Some searches easily reveal the potential reader's own perversion:
  • "please master" spanking pregnant
  • tortured nipples sexual passion
  • slave whip dress rope rape
  • bdsm pain iron hook sex
You know. The usual.

Some make me wonder about the person who came to check out my blog, when the snippet they would have seen on Google clearly indicated that what they would find was not related to the original intention of their search. Such was the case with the very first search parameters I entered on my list: the chair as a metaphor. Which would have taken the researcher here. Was my post inspiring? Similarly, there were stopping lithium and why does scaramouche have a big nose.

Some of these I've mentioned before, and there are always new ones to amuse and divert. But lately, I've seen the beginning of a new trend. Or maybe I'm seeing traces of a new researcher. Whatever the source, I'm reminded of my days in grade school.

I was always too smart for my own good. And kind of snotty about it, to boot. Because being too smart can make you bored. So when we were given spelling words and told to use each in a sentence, I was damned if I'd waste my creativity on such a pedestrian assignment. So I would take a big chunk of the list and use them in a paragraph that in those few sentences implied an entire story. Much more of a challenge - and thus much more fun.

Well, lately I've been found through searches that are far more than a word or two. These read like a line from a story. They are arousing in themselves, and I feel compelled to take them as an assignment, to write a story around each sentence and give some pleasure back to the person who gave me this glimpse into his or her mind.

I read them over again and my cunt feels little electric stabs, adding to the arousal my Master attacked me wit today and making me grateful that tonight I am allowed to touch myself if I fulfill certain requirements.

As befitting my bisexual identity, one implied story line is lesbian and one is straight.
  1. the lesbian whispered relax and enjoy my sweet girl as i fondle your vagina and turn you into my slave slut
  2. she has welts all over her body and whispered i will work as your whore, master
Enticing, no? Maybe if I encountered a woman as in example number 1, if I came across a lesbian to dominate me, to teach me, to control me, to own me, then I would finally be able to have a full relationship with another woman. I can picture myself lying there naked beside here. Would she have remained dressed, the way my Master does, to accentuate the imbalance of power? Would she have bound my wrists together and then to the headboard? or would she already know how exquisitely submissive I am, and that if she knew the right words to cast that spell of dominance over me then bondage would be necessary only for her amusement, not to enforce my submission. Would she have a sadistic streak to her? Would she lull me into that relaxation she requested - demanded - ordered - seduced me into - only to fondle me until I was ready to be taught that erotic pain can be as arousing as gentle touches?

I think I would want her to hurt me.
I think I would want her to train me to beg for the pain.
I think I would want her to whip me
and then hold me in her arms,
sobbing and shaking,
while she fondled my pussy
and smile as I came.

I think I would want to be dependent on her for everything. For food, for water, for light, for air, for pleasure, for pain... I would breathe her approval, I would suckle her love, and if evicted from her cage I would die.

I would want her to be my Master with tits.

All I want is my Master.

I think I'll go cum for him now...


Luna Mauvaise said...

Hmmm, a master with tits. This idea is so foreign to me that it's almost intriguing.

Interesting searches, too. But I analyze *everything*. The psychology behind them would drive me mad.

Paul said...

OG, much as I love your writing, and you know that I do.
I would suggest that you take a cold shower, before you burn youself out.
I don't think that He would be too pleased.
Love and warm hugs,

nancy said...

Oh i LOVE the way your mind works!
Truly peverse and fun.. forget the cold showers! You won't burn out.. not anytime soon~~
(sorry Paul~!)

mamacrow said...

'spanking pregnant'
lol! was that mine/our comments about that?! how cool!

oatmeal girl said...

Luna, I do wonder whether I could have been a better success as a lesbian if I had been appropriated by a master with tits. As for analyzing... yup, that's me. Quite fun. Such rich caves to mine.

Paul - I actually think he would be delighted. He loves the products of my mind. And sadist that he is, he especially loves the idea of my turning myself into a moan mass of aroused flesh with no hope of an orgasm in sight.

nancy - I do have a horribly perverse mind. Isn't it fun?

mamacrow - I wonder how a weekly spanking of a pregnant woman would affect the fetus? Such an interesting experiment... uh-oh, my bizarre imagination is at it again... I don't think you want to know... but replace lab rats in cages with pregnant women, taken out once a day for enforced exercise, a firm spanking, scientific measurements of their responses, and then back to their cages... sounds like a story the Erotiterrorist might write...