Monday, November 9, 2009

Thumbing my nose at danger

Should I be more afraid of him?

Should you be more afraid for me?

Granted, I have been declared off limits to the Beast, and I have been sternly warned not to do anything to incite him. But my Master is a sadist, after all, even when the Beast is locked securely in his cage. From the beginning, I called him my demon muse, because indeed there are both sides to him - inspiration and manipulation, the urge to create and the urge to destroy.

I am deep in a submissive trance,
complicated by a complicated love.
Perhaps there is a car
bearing down on me,
stalking me,
exciting me,
nipping at my heels,
until one day
the driver's

My limits are
by one
until being used
for my Lord's amusement
by a gang of thugs
for their quotient
of evil
seems a perfectly reasonable way
to spend a Friday night.

Should I be placed in protective custody?

And if I were... if you (yes, you, I see the look in your eyes, the bulge in your jeans, the wet spot in your panties), if you took me into protective custody, what would you do to me while you had me in your control? Would I be that much safer with you than at the mercy of my sadistic demon muse?

Do tell...


Luna Mauvaise said...

Out of the frying pan and into the fire, methinks.

You aren't any safer with the wicked, dearest OG. You are at the mercy of your own dark desires.

The only advice or salvation I can offer is to trust your instincts. Hopefully they will serve you well. :)

Peace and much love to you!

Danger Girl said...

Well, you know how I feel about danger... just reading that makes my heart race!

Paul said...

OG, how safe would you be with me, that depends on you and what your deepest desires call for?
Each of us possesses a beast at our dark centre, call it forth at your peril.
I suspect, not safe at all.
Love and warm hugs,