Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spanking fills the universe

What used to be a small private party here at submission & metaphor has become rather crowded in the last few weeks. It always startles me when my stats soar. But if I look at the referrals I can quickly find the reason.

At first, it was all due to being fleshbotted. Twice in the space of 10 days. First on October 20th, courtesy of Always Aroused Girl for i am pussy, and then again on October 30th, by Madeline Glass (someone I hadn't heard of before and wasn't aware knew of me, so special thanks, Madeline!) for A glorious fuck. Both of these brought huge onslaughts of readers. Well, huge for me, since my stats are normally pretty paltry. I suspect I'm a bit too artsy for most tastes.

These surges normally last just a few days, with a bit of carryover after that. I'm still getting readers from both those referrals, as well as a continuing small but steady stream of visitors from my review in JanesGuide. (Sorry for all this - I can't help boasting about my good reviews whether for my writing or for my cocksucking.)

Anyway, I was all set to see my stats lapse back down to their normal level when suddenly WHOOSH. And it continued for days. All because someone decided this is actually a spanking blog and therefore fit to be included in the giant blogroll known as The Spanking Universe.

I suspect s&m has been taken for a spanking blog because Bonnie included me in her blogroll and in the invitation to sign on to Love Our Lurkers Day (the response to which was, I must admit, pretty pathetic here. You guys are awfully shy...) And oddly enough, I was writing an awful lot about spanking and flogging and caning and the like right around when Richard Windsor included me in his Spanking Universe blogroll. So perhaps at least a few of the perverts who came here from there found something to please them.

All of the above boils down to very warm thanks to everyone who has praised me and linked to me and visited here and especially to those few of you who come back and manage to find some pleasure in my pleasure and my efforts to give my Master pleasure and (I know there are a few of you) in thoughts of taking your hand to my ass and your cock to my cunt.

Or vice versa.


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