Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Invocation of pain

The pain catches me by surprise.
Small surges of pain from familiar places.
Pain as memory.
Memory of pain.

I gather it in. I hold it close in a fervent embrace. It comes like a surprise kiss as I shift in my chair, but rather than fleeing, I walk towards it with open arms. I move again, deliberately this time, inviting the pain back. My hand tiptoes to the round, moaning flesh of my bruised buttock where it changes identity from ass to thigh.

I press.
I provoke.
I invoke the pain.

And my pussy sings as it weeps tears of desire.

Written for my sadistic Master
and posted with permission.


Luna Mauvaise said...

Oh, thank you for commenting on my post. It pointed me here, to your lovely spot.

We have much in common, it seems. :)


nancy said...

That delicious remembered pain is such a joy to feel again, just once more.
I can't stop touching those sore bits when i have them~

Paul said...

OG, "And my pussy sings as it weeps tears of desire."
Beautiful dear girl, just beautiful.
Love and warm hugs,