Monday, November 23, 2009


I am staked to the ground, a naked female Gulliver surrounded by over-excited Lilliputians. Small energetic people of many sexes and gender identities crawl all over me, poking and prodding, exploring and stimulating. Two of them lasso my nipples with thin ropes and pull them tight, so the slip knots cut into the tender flesh and threaten to sever the little nobs from the mounds beneath. Teams march systematically across my body, scourging my flesh with small whips as if beating the English countryside for hiding foxes.

A line forms on my left thigh. The thigh that is numb. The accumulated weight presses down into my muscles below the scarred flesh. The line ends at my pussy. The prize is a chance at sucking my clitoris as if it were a penis. My vestigial cock fills their minuscule mouths as they prod my already painful arousal with lips and tongues and teeth, struggling to maintain their balance as the flood of honey accelerates and sends a slippery stream out between my labia and around the feet of the queue along my thigh. Each cunnilinguist gets one minute. I squirm and pull against my bonds, but am restrained too tightly to move much.

My moans of frustration threaten to render deaf their delicate little ears.

You stand over the scene, smiling with satisfaction.
You swim in my suffering.

You hand small, metal-tipped floggers to those arrayed along my leg, urging them to whip the tender inner flesh of my thigh as they wait. The creature attending to my clitoris is provided with a tiny vibrator, with which he/she/it is instructed to increase my torment before yielding it and the place at my pussy to the next in line.

Tears form at the corners of my eyes, as they meld with yours.

"Please..." I form with my lips.

"Your begging is most delicious, my pet," you say. "But I don't believe I will permit you to come for a long while."

My clitoris as red and swollen as it can possibly be, you pick up a full-size flogger. The little creatures scatter in a surge of self-preservation. You raise the scourge and bring it down hard on my pussy.

Your scrotum contracts in a most delicious manner as I shriek with pain. The wet spot on the carpet below me doubles in size. You pull down your pants and stuff your erection in my mouth.

Written for my Master and posted with permission.


baby girl said...

wonderfully vivid and descriptive, og! i empathetically writhe in torment.

well...being without a partner for some time now, i've become well acquainted with sexual frustration. there's a little more than empathy going on in my camp. :(

fantastic post! :)

Florida Dom said...

I can see why he gave permission to post it. That was very well written and very erotic. I'm sure he's proud of you. Keep up the good work.


Paul said...

OG, there are times I'm convinced that you have more than a little sadism in you also.
I can see you laying there writhing, it's almost too much.
Hardly bedtime reading.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

og, this is a beautiful painting - using words.
i really enjoyed this.

Anonymous said...

Yes a lovely painting.

Anonymous said...

Oooo, I love this. So imaginative. And its nice to see a reversal of the usual sizeplay trope.

On to Brobdingnag and Laputa!