Tuesday, November 17, 2009

He said he'd fuck my crying face...

... and today he did.

He fucked my face as I cried and sobbed and sniveled and gasped and licked and sucked and dragged my teeth across his scrotum...

He brought me a need that was frightening in its intensity.
He brought me a need that he saved for me.
And I did not disappoint. He said that.

"You have never disappointed me.
Sometimes you infuriate me.
But you never disappoint."

And then he gently stroked my head.


nancy said...

Of course you don't disappoint!
How could you after giving him exactly what he wanted?
(I'm so glad he stroked your head~)

Paul said...

OG, I'm so glad that he can be tender, when you fill his needs.

There is someone in your comments who badly needs reassurance that you are using 'destroy' in a metaphorical sense. None of your friends would be happy if we thought that you meant that literally.

Are you taming your Demon Muse

Love and warm hugs,

oatmeal girl said...

nancy and Paul - the tenderness... stroking my head, like the times he gives me full, sweet, sensuous kisses rather than fiercely devouring my mouth... it is all for his pleasure, because he enjoys what it feels like at the moment. And sometimes he feels like being tender... but no, Paul, there is no way that I am taming him. he is who he is, and I am the one being changed to suit his needs.

And because it suits mine.

As for whether he can destroy me... watch for a separate post on that, since most people don't read the comments.

nancy said...

Waiting with baited breath~~

if he can destroy you is up to you .. when all the words are over and done.

mamacrow said...

sorry to sound like a stuck record, but - WOW! again!