Monday, March 31, 2008

Boobies for Z

After protracted negotiations in smoke-filled rooms with a babble of other fiercely soft-hearted sex-bloggers, Marianne has posted the following enticing bribe offer:
As I wrote previously, our dear friend and fellow blogger Z needs some financial lovin’ from us all right now. Based on conversation that started here in comments, Ms. Cake has hatched a plan that would have sex-bloggers showing their boobies for Z. No, not to Z, for Z.

Here’s how it will work. So far, over $600 has been raised. We want at least $3000 (we want much more, but that’s an awfully good start). To that end, several bloggers are willing to submit photos of their breasts or other interesting bits for posting publicly. If that fundraising target is reached… you’ll see it all! Or at least more than you’ve seen so far.

Any bloggers who would like to donate their assets (on top of their cash) to this worthwhile project should just post all of the relevant information, especially a link to Z and her donate button, and let me know so that I can add your name to the list. I’ll also keep a link in my sidebar, so that you know how close we are getting, and whether there are new participants.

Generous (and generously endowed) bloggers so far willing to bare it for Z:

Duke Orsino
Having My Cake
Helga Hansen
Oatmeal Girl (with the equally generous permission of the philosopher)

Wanna see my delicious nipples? Please give to the cause.

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