Saturday, December 13, 2008

Night Visitor

I came for you last night.
I felt you here and felt your smacks upon my waiting ass.
I idly touched my tiny nub until
it swelled and drowned in love
and then I came for you.

I felt you here last night.
I felt your smacks upon my ass and heard your welcome voice.
You punished me for what I’d done, for all
the risks and pain I took
and I could feel you here.

I felt your smacks last night.
You punished me with hand and belt and cane and scolding words.
You’re not my dom but I’m your kitten still
and I had worried you.
And then I felt more smacks.

I’m wearing pink today.
I’m wearing pink to bring me back to what is good and true.
The sun is out and in some sacred way
I always will be yours.
And so I’m wearing pink.

And I could hear your welcome voice
saying, urging, ordering
firmly in my ear:
Cum for me, kitten.
And as the the soft pink
turned to red, and honey flowed
around my dancing fingers
my body gave you everything
and sobs burst forth and freed me
from the evil sorcerer’s spell.
And so
I came
for you.

1 comment:

Paul said...

OG, I love this, I hope that this means that you are free of the demon muse.
Warm hugs,