Monday, December 22, 2008

The Song of Songs Project

Rather in contrast to my gloomy mood of these latter dark days, I've had this idea in my half-witted brain of writing a poem based on a section (as yet unselected) of the Song of Songs, aka Shir Hashirim. This burst of artistic ambition arose from a persistent tendency towards talking about love and faith, spirituality and sensuality, in comments on Elspeth's blog Acquiescent Leigh. (Do check it out. For one thing, her photos put mine to shame. I pretend it's because she has a better camera than mine, but that's just pride protecting my ego.)

Now in fact, it would an incredible act of chutzpah to think that I could come close to the rich sensuality of language and allusions of the Biblical text, but that's not the point. The project would be a challenge, and a source of inspiration. And my idea was to put out a call for others who might be interested. And maybe the results wouldn't need to be a poem, as long as it were some artistic means of expression.

Anyway, I'm mulling it over. Let me know if you're interested. We could agree on a day when we would all publish, with links to everyone else in the project.

Aha. A small long-lasting fluorescent bulb just went off above my head. How about Valentine's Day?
Upon my couch at night
I sought the one I love -
I sought but found him not.
I'll make up someone to write about.


Elspeth said...

Valentine's Day sounds perfect. This will be a very different sort of writing for me -- I'm looking forward to the challenge.

oatmeal girl said...

That's one of the big things I miss now that I no longer have my demon muse. He challenged me, both my writing and my submission. He gave me assignments and expected me to complete them. And he demanded quality.

So I have to set my own assignments. but it helps having other people in on them to make me actually get them done.

I'll try to think it through a bit more and then post the call for submissions (ahem...) properly, as well as sending engraved invitations to some favorite writers.

It helps to have a project. A good distraction - no? Distractions may not heal broken hearts, but they can sure keep us from dwelling on them as much. (The fiend helped with that, too.)

I'm glad you want to take part.

Louise said...

It's a splendid idea to set your own assignments; I'm looking forward to the project!

Greenwoman said...

Well...I'm not sure that anything would occur to me, but I do volunteer to give you my honest opinion of whatever you decide to write if that helps.

As a former member of a writer's group, I think I know what sort of critiques help drive the material toward quality and polish.

And I'm also happy to link even if I don't find something in my soul to write on the project.

With this move coming on it may be just the distracting challenge I need. Else it could be overwhelming, so I dont' want to promise to write, but I will be happy to read something over for you and link. ((hugs))

I think its a lovely project. Great idea!!

mamacrow said...

I would LOVE to have a go at this, but I can't put this on my blog really (a home ed one)

maybe I could post in your comments, OG?

and valantine's day sounds most appropriate.

oatmeal girl said...

Elspeth - being challenged in my writing was one of the things that the fiend taught me, and I think it did me a world of good.

I asked one of my enw favorite writers if he would contribute, and a short while later he sent me something! So now I'm committed. I'll work on some kind of proper announcement over the next few days.

Thanks for the encouragement, Louise!

Greenwoman, just keep your mind open and see what flows through. Read the text over (I'll post a couple of links) and let it ferment in your dreams...

Plus yes. A writer's group. I need that. Shortly before the end of our collaboration, my demon muse forced me to change a word. I fought and protested and then realized he was right and it made a huge improvement. I need that. I need to be made to look at things differently.

There are some poetry groups in the area, and I am cautiously considering going to one. But most of my stuff is kinky to a greater or lesser extent and I'm nervous about sharing it. I think I could get away with the boat poem, tho...