Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I'm very creative in the morning.
Creative and... twitchy.
I settle down in my office chair
and my cunt twitches, waving its
hand in the air, saying
"me, me me, I know the answer!
Pick me!"
Erotic images tease my brain
and leak onto the pages of my
little writer's notebook.
And there they die.
I am a solar-powered poet
with an endorphin-dependent mind.
Deprived of fuel, I idle.
Instead, I swap sweet and
genial messages with my
wild Irish philosopher,
reckless no more,
his sadistic side on
hiatus, surfacing in the
sporadic kinky film plug.
We talk until bedtime.
I don my ex-slave shirt and
snuggle between cool sheets,
sinking into dreams of selkies
submitting to tamers of the sea.


Greenwoman said...

Hey there...just coming out of the woodwork today. Its storming and I've already done a bunch of packing this day, so I'm idling a bit and enjoying kicking back with some of my favorite blogs. Thinking of you. HOpe you are well.

Sorry to hear you are idling...but the good news is, the dark time is nearly at its lowest point and then the upswing. Not much longer...*smiles*

Glad you've got your Philosopher to cuddle up to mentally and emotionally. Sending you warm hugs....*smiles*

mamacrow said...

'and my cunt twitches, waving its
hand in the air, saying
"me, me me, I know the answer!
Pick me!"'

brilliant! really fab :)

Louise said...

Oh, solar-powered poet with an endorphin-dependent mind, it's not that bad to idle away a bit like that at times, is it?? Sinking in selkie dreams is lovely after all. :)

oatmeal girl said...

Hi, Greenwoman! I'm hanging in there, struggling, fighting the urge to go under. Only a few more weeks and the worst will be over as long as the sun comes back.

I do feel rather snuggly towards the philosopher. I just don't know what that means. And i don't really know how he feels towards me. But having the connection is lovely.

I can do without being his slave. And it seems I will always be his kitten. As for being his selkie...

Thanks, mamacrow. Stuff like hats cares me in a way, the way the phrases just jump into my head. The problem is, sometimes I say these odd things to people in conversation (not sexual, but odd images, you know) and then they think I'm really weird. They give me that look...One of the really good things about the fiend that I will keep with me is this idea that I'm a writer, I'm a poet, I'm creative, and I should embrace that. being told your someone's treasure can do that.

Thank you, Louise. And yes, selkie dreams are quite lovely, as long as I don't start believing they will come true. Be healthy, sweetie.

Elspeth said...

Sweet and genial is sometimes just the right thing. I'm glad you had that, hmm?


~ El