Friday, December 26, 2008

Would you buy this used submissive?

I changed my profile on FetLife.

I've put myself back on the market.

There I am, standing naked on the platform as the auctioneer extols my many virtues. Or, perhaps more accurately, recites my many sins and recommends suitable punishments, the better to entice sadistic buyers with the prospect of leaving their marks on my ass.

And certainly, my ass is fully displayed as I am ordered to slowly turn around for the fuller viewing of the interested parties. Serious buyers are then invited up for a closer inspection, a twist of my famous nipples, a poke of the finger up my cunt or into my still virgin anus. And finally, I am subjected to a short caning to demonstrate the quality of my screams and the entertainment value of my writhing in pain.

Well, no.
Not really.

But I did change my profile.
And I have declared myself available.

Am I?
Am I really available?
Am I emotionally available?
Would my little Greek chorus like to weight in on that?

This is, in fact, a serious request for input. I'm reprinting the profile below and would love to know what you all think. All suggestions welcome: additions, deletions, correction of typos or bad word usages, anything you have to throw into the pot. This would be a great time for you lurkers to pipe up and make yourselves heard.

You will note that I suggest that all interested parties read my blog, which presents the danger of chasing them all away except for those with overblown egos who are convinced that one word from them will permanently erase the philosopher from my mind and from my... you know. The warm fuzzy thump-thump part. But I figure it's best they know what they're getting into. I'm also resisting the temptation to play. Because in fact I don't play. It doesn't work. And I remember what my demon muse repeated, about how the men who were just after my ass were fools and were missing the best part. My mind. Personally I think the best part is my nipples, but I do know what he was getting at so I'm sticking to my standard. Any suitor must be good with words, and must appreciate mine. Then we can talk spanking.

So. Here it is. Tell me what you think. And start placing your bids now.

PS - FetLife can be an amusing place to hang out. The fiend found me there, and I'm made a few other friends as well. Plus they've got this big Kinky Christmas Stocking give-away going on, so you might want to get your name in on that. You never know...

Anyway, on to my profile. All comments will be seriously considered. Including about whether I should be doing this now at all. Thanks. o.g.
oatmealgirl 59F sub

relationship status: single
orientation: bisexual
in search of:
- a relationship
- friendship

About me
I am a submissive Jewish bisexual feminist baby boomer with pretenses of being a writer. Did I leave anything out? Oh yeah... cats and red hair. That should cover it.

Except not really.

I'm looking for something. For someone. Cautiously. I stick my nose out from behind a tree to see if it is safe, to see if the right person will spot me, will lure me out with the right words, will then pop me in a cage and take me home.

I am VERY submissive, and occasionally and unexpectedly feisty. I need structure and affection, caresses and spankings, encouragement and scoldings and discipline.

I cry easily.
I look very young.
I sound very young.
I have startling nipples.

I write.
I value words.
I can be snared with words.
Hypnotize me with your words and you can have
my body, my mind, and my soul.

I don't play.
I submit.

There are too many first person pronouns in this profile. If you want to know more, read my writings here, and explore my website. Be sure to read the very first post. Then talk to me. Entice me to want to make it all about you.

P.S. - there's another side, too. The ethnic music, ethnic food, goofy over cats, too many languages, Obama volunteer side. The really secret side... it would be nice to be snared by someone who wanted to know about that side, too... picture me beside you at the theatre, squirming in my seat from a pre-dinner spanking, while moaning with pleasure at the brilliant acting before us...


mamacrow said...

wow! i'm suddenly visited by a sharp regret that i'm an english happily married mum, and not an american single dominant.

I loved it. You were honest but still charming, and it was all so you - the you I've come to know through this blog.

lots of luck, better to do and regret than never do and always wonder... I think, anyway. You can never have too many true friends, either, I would have thought xxx

Louise said...

You really are amazing and desirable and brave.

When I read the title of this post I think no, you're certainly not ready; it's way too cynical, and that is something very different than being ironic. Being cynic may be necessary sometimes, but NOT when it comes to yourself. You are too delicate, too beautiful and too clever to be treated with cynism, whether it is by yourself or by others.

The profile is lovely, like mamacrow says, honest and charming and so you.

But, do you think FetLife is the best way to seek? Lately you referred to Meg: when you keep Megs experiences in mind, don't you think it would be much better to seek on vanilla sites? Your submissiveness will shine through everything you will write or say, as you certainly will spot dominance at great distance. It would be the best way to be guarded against the freaks, the players and the fakes.

Just pondering on what's best... you do deserve the best, yanno. *smiles*

Greenwoman said...

I like it. The man who would be interested in this profile...that is to say the man who actually reads this profile, understands it and is really interested in you will likely be a very special person.

Giver a whirl. You might find someone very cool...especially on fetlife because its less meat market on that site.


oatmeal girl said...

gee, mamacrow, i never knew you felt that way about me..


Ah, Louise, you are very sweet, but you've never had to put up with me in real life. And yes, I'm also feeling very cynical.It's hard to go forward with bright hopeful eyes when underneath is a broken heart and shattered confidence.

As for responses, so far I've had an offer to consider being a slave or sub to a couple in South Dakota. Not likely...

I'm exploring other options but in some ways don't know that I'm being fair. Partly yes, I'm lonely, I want someone, and really it's been months now. But I'm still grieving. I'm hoping for distraction, the way the fiend was a distraction.

Greenwoman - yes, FetLife feels much better than, say,, which gave me the creeps. And I wrote the thing to reflect ME, so if it doesn't appeal that's just as well.

mamacrow said...

'gee, mamacrow, i never knew you felt that way about me..'

it's your words babe... you have a marvoulous turn of phrase...

hubby and I try porn out sometimes but it never does it for me... visual just doesn't flip that switch.. it's words, everytime...

the right ones, of course!

oatmeal girl said...

yeah, mamacrow. men go after photos, images, they want something concrete, even if it flickers past them on a screen. we like words. we paint our own pictures.