Monday, March 22, 2010

Anarchistic hearts

There are a number of blogs that I follow. A number of blogs that I like. I don't list them all here. Some of them you probably already read. Some of them get listed by everyone else.

The ones I list are the special ones. Created by special writers. Those with something different to say. Those with a different way of saying it. Those who fondle the English language, who take it in their arms and then mold it the way my Master molds me.

And then there are those who throw darts at your heart and write lines I wish I'd written myself. Like this one:

"Our hearts are the things that do not follow orderly and manicured paths."

The words are by Liras.
The blog is called Rebirth.
The piece is called Defy Logic.
And that line made me cry.


Paul said...

OG, thanks, looks really interesting.
Love amd warm hugs,

Liras said...

Oh gee whiz, OG! How kind you are. That is such a nice thing to say!!! Thanks for finding a truth in my scribbling.

oatmeal girl said...

Thanks for touching me so deeply with your scribbling and for making em jealous of your art.