Sunday, March 7, 2010

"your left leg, and the small of your back"

"I can't stop watching my video of your crawl, specifically the 1 to 2 seconds in which the small of your back twists as you drag your unwilling left leg. I have mentioned many times how art has a life, a meaning of its own, if it's achieved only under the umbrella of the artist's overriding intent. Nevertheless, some tiny unintended detail can be more revealing, more enlightening, more truthful, than all of the creator's overt cues.

"It's killing me."

Sent to me by my Master, yesterday (Saturday) morning, and posted here with his permission and at his suggestion. More will follow.


Paul said...

OG, have you sent Him a video?.
What is wrong with your left leg?
Did you know that today, 3/8/2010, is the centenary of International Woman's Day.
Love and warm hugs,

oatmeal girl said...

Don't worry about my leg, Paul. He had ordered me to crawl, and then shot a video of it. There were certain instructions... I can't remember them exactly... it was a low crawl, body down on the floor, dragging myself to him... an intense experience as I did it and obviously very powerful for him to watch.