Monday, March 8, 2010

"Give that ache to me, my pet."

And the conversation, begun here, continued:

Please, my Lord, I keep trying to remember - what were your instructions to me? What were your instructions that made me change the way I was crawling and end up with that?

I remember how it felt...

No instructions I would have given could have caused that. You cannot know, and it doesn't matter. Poor thing.

Why does it hurt so much, my Master? Why does it hurt me so much that you see these things that I don't even know are there? Why, when you say things like this, does it just make me cry?

I feel as if you've stripped off all my skin. I have no protection, my Lord.

I am feeling too much, and it's a pain I don't understand. I've been wrestling with it all day. Trying to pin it all down, trying to write it into something, coming up with pieces, and just now one thing... I don't know, my Lord.

My curfew approaches.
Maybe I'll understand in my sleep.

No. You won't.


Though it was not my intention, I'll admit that I can physically feel your struggle, and it fires me.

Well then, my Master, I am glad that my suffering is providing you this pleasurable stimulation.

You know (of course you know, my Lord), not knowing what you see is frustrating. But what is worse is how I drown in emotion when you make statements such as you did yesterday. I'm not even sure what the emotions are, my Master, but they hurt, and they scare me, and the pain of them overwhelms me and I can't find any outlet for them.

I'm suddenly feeling you touch me, in that way you almost never do. These sensations come over me at odd moments as well...

I ache for you, my Master. I am drowning in you and my body is screaming to be close to yours.

You may serve me today by fully feeling that aching desire. Don't block it. Tell me where it hurts my pet, and experience it for me. Let yourself imagine how badly you want to feel my arms around you, yours around me, your nakedness against mine, your nose in my chest hair, breathing deeply my scent as I permit you to sink into me, to luxuriate in my nearness, your flesh at once tingling and softly melting. Give that ache to me, my pet.

[to be continued]


Paul said...

OG, hurry up, please.
Love and warm hugs,

worm said...

Holding my breath......

oatmeal girl said...

See... he inspires hunger...