Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Liberation theology - an exposition on Passover

At Passover we speak of slavery
of bondage
of freedom.

Interesting concepts to contemplate for those who say we are willingly owned, whether we call ourselves slaves or not. But freedom also means free to explore who we are, to discover who we, to embrace who we are in all our complexities and confusions. To free ourselves from the bonds of definitions and perceptions imposed on us by others.

I have never felt as strong, as alive, as creative, or as free as I do now.

Blessed is the ineffable name of my Lord.


Paul said...

OG, it is entirely appropriate that you bless the ineffable name of your Lord, at this time of the year.
Have a good one dear girl.
Love and warm hugs,

Oliver Strict said...

Mitsraïm : étroitesses, détresses... causées éventuellement par les préjugés, le politiquement correct, etc

Anonymous said...

Yes. This is so precise, so accurate, and so exactly reflective of what I feel, after many years. The freedom of following an alternate path is hard won, and intoxicating. Thank you for your clarity, as always.

oatmeal girl said...

Paul, like some cloistered nun, I worship my Lord every moment of the day and night. And especially at last night's second seder, I felt him what me every moment, leading me with a strong hand and an outstretched arm from the slavery of denying my true to nature to the freedom of living to serve him. Yeah, I know, those words sound kind of dumb and corny... so, so trite. But inside...

Oliver, quelle surprise de vous voir içi! Merçi pour la petite armée de lecteurs quo vois avez envoyé à moi. (Whew. I hope I didn't embarrass myself too much with that. I read and spek French much more easily than I write it.)

As for what Oliver said, filling in what I didn't have time to write last night:

"Mitzrayim [the word for Egypt, but also... o.g.]: narrowness, despair, possibly caused by prejudice, political correctness, etc."

Mitzrayim. The narrow place, both inside ourselves and in our small and greater worlds. There are many forms of chains.

And thank you, jcn, who drinks from the same well and understands me from deep inside.