Friday, March 26, 2010

Don't ask

I am not allowed to tell you what will happen to me tomorrow.
I do not know if I will be allowed to tell you about it afterwards.

I am afraid.
Aroused, yes.
but afraid.

I am aroused and afraid and terrified and bombarding my Master with one frantic and loving e-mail after another and my cunt is naked and unprotected and looks like it has diaper rash.

I am aroused and afraid and my imagination is working over time and I am ever so grateful that still in my freezer are 2 very large bags of frozen peas.


Florida Dom said...

Let's hope he will allow you to tell us what he has planned for you and what your reaction was and how you dealt with it.

And can you tell us whether you told you why he wanted you shaved and whether you will have to remain shaved.


nancy said...

I won't ask but as tomorrow approaches I will remember that it is a special day for you.
You've certainly done all that has been asked .. and written about it with perfect poems.
I'm glad you were allowed to tell us this much!

oatmeal girl said...

FD - my Master has in the past referred to wanting me to shave at some point. The morning of the day I shaved he said something which I realized meant that he was now going to order me to shave. I then knew what he had planned for tomorrow. And I was right.

nancy - special day? I suppose so. I will prove myself, I think. I hope. I hope I will not disappoint him in any way.

I need to go to bed. Perhaps my dreams will let me sleep in peace.

nancy said...

OG, You don't think its a special day? The buildup has been huge for me as a reader!
I wondered if you'd get any sleep last night.. hope you did for a bit anyway!

Paul said...

OG, I also hope that He will allow you to write about your day.
If He doesn't that is His choice, the way things are between you that must be paramount.
Love and warm hugs,

charlie said...

I'm sure that your afraid, nervous and excited about the next step in the relationship-your there for his pleasure. But you're also the one providing the set, props and actor for his play. And yes, thank god for frozen peas. Oh to enjoy a freshly tormented pussy is delightful from my side, is wonderful. Watching the torment, pain and ecstasy all at one time-lovely! Hope Sadist will allow you to divulge the fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh, god, I do hate that diaper rash look (on me, that is -- and it happens every time I shave). I'm excited for. Hope you are able to share the story at some point.

oatmeal girl said...

marianne - the diaper rash look sucks. Not to mention being uncomfortable. Now that he has seen how entirely unsexy it is, I am hoping he decides it would be ok for me to just trim very close. I read a few years ago about some black men who just cannot shave their faces for precisely this reason. As I remember (though only partially), the article was about them being in the army or on sports teams or in prison or some other place where there were strict rules about facial hair, and they were petitioning on these ground that they be allowed to have beards. Can't remember the upshot of it. I should do research.

charlie - I do not really provide the sets, props, and actor for my Master's play. He chooses the set, he supplies the props or designates exactly what I should have in place, and since I am his he is providing the actors as well.

And for all of you - yes. There will be a report. I have fun permission, except there will be no lengthy quotes from the sadist himself. It was not at all as dire as he allowed me to persuade myself, and I have been floating ever since.

But first, now, I am going to masturbate. And cum. With permission. And then I will send him my report. And then, later today or tomorrow, there will be a report for you.

Happy now?