Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He will leave me no protection

The order has been given.
Tonight it will be done.

First, the gathering of the tools.
Scissors, razors, cream, lotion.

I will take up the scissors and closely trim the unruly hairs, pulling the tufts of now age-straggled curls as far from my body as I can, sliding the scissor blades up against my pelvic flesh. Then, the luxury of a long hot bath, the water oiled and scented with fear. The razor will be waiting, equipped with a new, sharp blade.

Nothing must be left behind.

My Master demands perfection.

I am to call him.
I am to call and leave a voice mail.
I am to call and leave a voice mail as I soak my body - his body - as I soak this body he owns and controls. The hairs will soften, the skin will swell with moisture, and oh, just think of the moisture that will be seeping between those lips that soon will be exposed to eyes and fingers and...

He will flog them.
I know he will flog them.
He will come on Saturday,
Saturday morning,
and he will flog my naked pussy
and he will flog my naked breasts
and maybe this will be the day,
the day that he will bind me,
bind me to the bed
so I can't provide protection,
can't protect my nipples
from the brown and turquoise lashes
of the beautiful new flogger
he commissioned just for me.
Beautiful, soft falls
that hurt like burning hell
when they crash down on my nipples.

The razor awaits.
The danger of injury lurks.
The danger of my Master hovers over all.

He will gaze on me.
He will touch me.
He will praise me.

I will beg him to hurt me.

And he will.


Paul said...

OG, is this the first time that you have shaved?
It's a shame that He is not shaving you, think of the shame, the burning humiliation, the pleasure that He would gain from that.
I await your report of your next encounter, if he permits it.
Love and warm hugs,

charlie said...

It is a well trained sub that will shave for her Master. I love a smooth pussy. I love flogging a smooth pussy. I love fucking a smooth shaved pussy. The thought of your bare smooth lips touching the falls as they come around from his flicking of the flogger is an exciting picture.

oatmeal girl said...

Yes, Paul, this was the first time. But it was lovely, doing this for him. We are not the same as so many other pairs. This was an offering, a ritual, a sacrifice, a demonstration of my love and devotion far beyond mere obedience. And when it was over... I was transformed. Not shame, Not humiliation. Beauty in submission.

charlie - it was far more than being well-trained. It was almost like a sacred rite, moving into another space. As for the flogger... my Master is a sadist. He does not flick the flogger at me. He brings it crashing down. he is not playing at this. He wants my pain. My suffering is precious to him. Another sacrifice I make at the foot of his altar.

Liras said...

I understand your vulnerability. Mine is of the heart, not the skin or sinew.

oatmeal girl said...

My heart, too, is my most vulnerable part. I am wide open. Unprotected. Whatever he does to my flesh can never equal what he is able to do to my heart. Still, he makes no avowals. So the pain I may/will eventually suffer will be self-inflicted. But I would never give up the richness I have now for what may come. Never.