Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hidden beauty

There are things I will not tell you.
There are things you'll never know.
Every couple has its secrets,
and we... we are no different,
and yet we are.
Very different.

There are things he will not tell me.
There are things I'll never know.
There are things he sees...
things in me...
and I am very different
and his admiration shakes me
and he says that I'm an artist
and I work so hard to please him
and he sees things deep inside me
that I will never know.
He sees it all.


Paul said...

OG, I suspect that He knows His possession better than she knows herself.
She writes it so beautifully that He should be proud.
Your words are a scalpel that cuts to the heart of truth, they draw no blood. but leaves the scar that beauty always does.
Love and warm hugs.

worm said...

Often times I find myself feeling ambivalent about what you write. Then, I am not sure what to say, but I know you like, hey! I read it! and while continue to......your writing is very attractive to me.

oatmeal girl said...

You are right, Paul, and it is driving me nuts.

worm - interesting comment. Please don't feel that you have to hold back. I'm curious to know more of your ambivalence. And sometimes writing things in crystalize them in the mind of the writer.

Anonymous said...

OG - I've been lurking for a couple months. I'm turning 60 in April, and have not yet resigned myself to playing scrabble with my dominant/husband of 42 years, so you got me hooked with "I'm Sexy and Submissive and yes, I'm 61". In any case, I love what you've been doing with meter, and it seems to me that this is a poem that is comprehensible on both sides of the vanilla/other divide. I particularly like the developed structure, and the drive of the rhythm in the second stanza. Really, really nice work, and I hope appropriately appreciated by your demon muse! - Best, jcn

oatmeal girl said...

jcn - thank you so much for your kind note! It is rare for a reader to comment on details of the poetry as opposed to just the subjects I address.

The reason I dubbed the sadist my demon muse, especially in the early days, was that he was attracted to me by my writing. He demands my best. He is a teacher, a mentor, and he shows me what I've done even when I don't see it for myself. Early on he pointed out how I like to work with rhythm. And now I'm aware of it, and see what I'm doing, and give myself to it.

You're welcome to e-mail me if you want to talk more.