Wednesday, March 3, 2010


i have been quiet.
i have been tired.
i have been feeble.
i have been sick.

nothing fatal. just a nasty cold that has sapped all my energy and left me weak and coughing. i finally went back to work on Monday. if i were still commuting into town i couldn't have done it. 10 minutes door to door in my little Honda was about all i could manage, and then i went home early. now i stay full days, but i eat lunch down the street. no energy to run home for lunch. no energy for writing.

i'm so enervated that i have trouble motivating myself to go to bed, which makes me even more tired the next day.

i probably won't fully recover for weeks.
i know.
i've been through this before.

there are some to whom this is attractive. there are predators who look for wounded animals on the side of the road as they prowl the countryside, looking for weakness.

i have little to give except my proffered throat.
sink in your teeth.
drink of my blood.
and then tear me to shreds.


Paul said...

OG, oh dear, I hope that you feel much better soon.
Spring cannot be very far away.
Your words paint a disturbing picture.
Open yourself for your Sadist, who loves you, not for some bloodthirsty predator who seeks only an easy meal.
Love and warm hugs,

nancy said...

OG.. just remember the days are getting longer and daylight savings time starts on 3/14.. You will recover!
I have no doubt that your Sadist will makes sure you do~~

Anonymous said...

well, i -was- going to leave more of a comment, but i see that Paul has covered most of the ground - and i concur with - "Your words paint a disturbing picture."

i do hope you feel better soon, og.

and i understand.


oatmeal girl said...

The days are indeed getting longer, which, in an odd way, is one of the problems. The sun rises earlier and I've been waking up at the unnecessary hour of 6:30 am.

My Master is taking care of me. He always knows just how to take care of me. For a start, he has established a new bedtime and expects me to keep it.

As for bloodthirsty predators, sooner or later a hunter comes along with a powerful weapon. In the end, I am never left unprotected.

mamacrow said...

((hugs)) sending virtual sunlights :D

thedirtyblonde said...

I don't mean to wish illness upon you, but your writing since taking to your sick bed has been wonderful to read. So insightful and creative and redolent of lustful inner thoughts -- thanks for letting us in to read.

(And get well soon, of course!)

oatmeal girl said...

mamacrow - we have real sun now, and warmth, and buds, and Spring. the snow is nearly all melted away. I'm still dripping and coughing, but no longer sick. And the sadist has been here twice this week.

I am a VERY happy pet. Not to mention slightly manic...

dirtyblonde - wow. Thank you! I was suffering both from illness and from a 12 day course of progesterone, and feared that it was dulling my brain just as I should have been heading into springtime creativity. Good to know I wasn't completed squashed.

Of course, I missed my Master horrendously as time went on, and desire and need does seem to make the words flow.

Thanks again. We are mutual fans...