Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Utilitarian Objectification

i am an alarm clock.

i am set for 10 am. exactly.

i used to be set for 6:30 am. my wake-up time became his wake-up time. except he's a grad student so he got to go back to sleep while i yawned my naked way into the shower.

it started out as a task. a yank on the leash, an acceleration of control before we even met. he thought "she'll call, i'll wake up, she'll hang up, i'll sleep. two minutes, tops."

by the end of the first week, it was an hour of sleepy-voiced pillow talk. and more. mmm... much more...

when i was unemployed, i called later. from bed. even if it meant going back to bed to do it. when i got a temp job, i became one of those people i used to hate - one of those people i STILL hate - talking on the phone during the 20 minute drive, sinking further and further into subspace until after the last big light, when he started bringing me out so i could safely turn into the parking lot. we parted with him hard and me wet. mmm...

i was set for 10 am during my last period of unemployment. and he liked it that way. his sleep didn't get interrupted and he awoke to the reminder that he has a slave kitten who will do whatever he asks. what a way to start the day!

when i got this job, a real job, there was a quandary. how to give a little domly pull on my leash, how to give me that daily reassuring reminder that i am owned, how to get himself the service he desires.

the answer: a quick call from my desk, right there at work, forcing me to don my identity as an obedient and very submissive slave kitten in the midst of being a competent, sympathetic, hard-working, responsible member of American society.

already, from yesterday to today, the length of the call has doubled. at least. and i was left with my cunt wet and twitching, on and off, for the entire day.

he's an evil man, my master.

and why was i twitching?

because he reminded me of what he told me last night in a husky lust-filled voice.

he will keep me hog-tied on the floor beside the bed, all night, not allowed to sleep, watching the clock until the requested wake-up time arrives.

i will call out: wake up, master! wake up! it's time to get up...

and he will reach down and twist my left nipple. hard. my left nipple is the snooze button. being the sadistic bastard that he is, he will activate the snooze button at least three times before digging his nail into my right nipple to turn me off.

except, of course, that will just turn me on more.

how many alarm clocks leave a wet spot on the floor?

he's never hogtied me before. i'm not certain how easy it will be for him to access the snooze button when i'm in such a position. and on the floor yet. and i doubt my old rotator cuff injury could handle that position for more than 10 minutes. but there's no reason reality should interfere with a good fantasy.

because from now on, whenever i make my wake-up call, he will say something about the snooze alarm.

and my cunt will twitch.
and my panties (if i'm allowed them) will grow soggy.
and i'll stay slightly on edge throughout the entire day.

thank you, master.


Phil said...

Wow! hot.

Anonymous said...

Not just hot. Also kinky. :)

oatmeal girl said...

phil: thanks for coming by and speaking up! as for the rest of you folks...

marianne: it's about time we got more kinky... the philosopher is now quite obsessed with finding more ways to use me, to objectify me. and just saying that starts sending me into subspace.

last night he talked of sitting back in his chair while i served as a table for his cup of tea. given how hard it is for me to hold perfectly still, and the danger of scalding if i don't, this will be an especially challenging exercise. (tho in fact he so hates me being hurt by accident that i am sure he will come up with a way to protect me from burns. he is the sweetest sadist you will ever find!)