Thursday, March 13, 2008

tongue tied (a pussypost)

do you really want to enslave me?
then bind me with your tongue.
construct a web of little
licks and kisses over and
through my landscape's rises
and falls. climb the paired
hills of my tits, sinking your
teeth into the beckoning nipples
to keep from falling off in
a giddiness of lust. leave a
noose of spit and continue on
your rapacious way.

down the slope and saunter over
my belly, stopping to lap at my
navel's empty well. take the
switchback trail over my womb,
encasing all in saliva's net,
only to pause
and smile
when you reach the red lawn's edge.

it is close-cropped, to please you,
for this invasion is invited. bury
your nose in what was once curls,
then continue towards the source.

you sigh deeply,
at the shore.
push off, your tongue
both boat and oar,
explore deep into
the Amazon, sampling
native delights as you go.
never dry, the river floods
and rises, and you rise,
hard and urgent as you
drink, and sink
under your desire to possess.

and you do possess. your name
is scrawled on the delta
long before you plant your
staff and claim this land as yours.

M A S T E R' S C U N T

engraved on all the ancient maps.

return now to the dock, fasten
hard on the clitoral post, and
thrust your fingers deep into
the rushing brook. suck, now,
lap, lick, suckle, drink, tease
me with the tip of your tongue,
make of me a six-course meal,
there is no rush, make me beg.

make me beg.

and then, as you hear desperation
screaming for release, when you
know i am your prisoner, only
then, as if it just occurred to you,
present the option.

"kitten, do you want to cum?"

and when i say oh yes please master please please let me cum oh please i can't take any more it hurts from not cumming, please, i am your kitten, i am your slave, my orgasms are yours please please have mercy and grant me just one...

then pull your head from out my crotch, reach up and grab my tangled hair, look straight in my frantic eye and say:

i will count down from ten.
and if you don't cum
when i reach one,
i will cane you so hard
that you will work
standing up
for a week.

you twist my nipple brutally
you fuck me with your fingers
you continue your sadistic threats
and at one
i cum.

- - - - -

my response to Z's call for more pussyposts, and to Marianne's contribution to the effort.


Z said...

Mmmm, oh yes :)

Musns said...

I swoon at your words. You have joined my Z in my idolatry of your phrases and posts.

oatmeal girl said...

yikes, girls, you make me blush. you sound like me gushing over the letters the philosopher used to send me.

i'm honored. truly.

Anonymous said...

God, yes. I enjoyed that. A lot.

oatmeal girl said...

i was going to say "you can't imagine how good it makes me feel to get all this praise."

but of course you can imagine. You're bloggers yourselves.

thank you thank you thank you.