Monday, March 10, 2008

Sometimes even sex bloggers don't want sex

Well... i suppose if the philosopher were here and demanding that i do my job as his little cockwhore, i would be delighted to comply. not that i would have a choice...

but writing about sex?

no thanks, not today.

i have a new job. i'm very happy to have a new job. i'm very happy to have this job. i'm very happy to have ANY job! it's been two years since i last had a permanent job.

but starting a job the day after switching to daylight savings time?

nunh-uh. very dumb idea. despite days of preparing by getting up much earlier than necessary for an unemployed girl, i just couldn't get to sleep early enough Sunday night. so i started off my new job with way too little sleep.


it's a good job. it's very very very close to home. i like my co-workers. but i may have managed to go almost the entire day without once thinking of being spanked or caned or fucked or led around on a leash...


my cunt is starting to twitch.

it's not dead after all!! i'm alive! i'm alive!!

we will return to our regularly scheduled perverted programming within the next few days. and i will try my sleepy best to keep you amused until then. of course, if people would comment, then i could write clever little responses. what i would really love is to hear if any of you wankers who found me through the masturbation-links blog masturbated to the masturbation post i wrote for you on Saturday. i'm a greedy little submissive slut in need of lots of approval and/or spankings to keep performing.


Natty said...

It's true. It really does happen. There are times when we don't think about spanking or buggery. They are often not the most fun times, but they come, even if we can't.

Hope your get caught up on your sleep so we can read more of your delightful thoughts and exploits.

oatmeal girl said...

i love those moments when i have my outside mask on, and suddenly a wicked thought slips past the guards and penetrates my workday mind.i smile at my secrets. and my cunt twitches.