Thursday, March 27, 2008

the cage

coming home late tonight from a business dinner. (oh it does feel so lovely to be able to say that after having been unemployed on and off for 2 years - especially when someone else paid for the dinner!)

i was about a mile from home, coming up the dark road between work and my house. ahead of me was a pick-up truck.

in the back of the truck was a cage.

it took about a block to register. and then i felt it.

i was sinking into subspace.

i've had fantasies about being caged. usually, the cage itself is not enough. i also want restraint. at the very least, i see a leather collar around my neck. with a chain from the collar to a ring on the bars. sometimes it is a short chain, so that my movement is limited. sometimes it allows me to move around the cage, and is more a symbol than any sort of restriction.

the odd thing is that i don't see myself filling the whole cage.

nor do i see it as a huge zoo-size cage.

it is a pet cage, for i am my master's pet.
it is perhaps like a cage for crating a dog at night.

the cage is of normal size.

it is i who am small.

i am my master's kitten.
i huddle in the corner.
i await his return.
i am eager.
i am fearful.
he will pet me.
he will hurt me.

he will please himself.

and i crave it all.


Anonymous said...

when i look back, i often feel a little thrill to remember that i *have* been caged. but when it was actually happening, it was not all that fun at all. perhaps if i could have been small enough to fit your fantasy of a kitten hiding in the corner it would have been more enjoyable for me. i do rather like the idea of that.

oatmeal girl said...

i have no idea how it would feel for real, and i have no idea if i'll ever find out. but the fantasy is very very powerful. and these days fantasy is all i have.

for now, i'd be ever so grateful for just a simple spanking.

poor kitten...

Anonymous said...

I think that being released from the cage, and being used in all the ways he wants... well, that could be hot. The waiting part? Not so much.

oatmeal girl said...

marianne, i was thinking about that yesterday, and realized that i would be very sad to be banished to the cage. what if i were crated at night like dogs are? i would curl in my corner and cry, sad that i couldn't sleep by his side, or at his feet. lately he spoke of making me sleep on the floor beside the bed, which would at least be in the same room.

i like restraint, and the idea of restraint. i don't like banishment. the thought makes me sad.

i keep using that word. sad. i am sad. we've been apart too long.

Lauren said...

So, a year later now (I'm slow haha), have you been in a cage yet?

I love it. Absolutely love it. I'm quite the opposite of meg with this one. Looking back, it's weird and I have this slight regretful feeling about it all. But, when it's happening, it's bliss. When I'm stressed out or worried about something, I tend to withdraw from the man I was with. I hate that feeling. So, having him put me away, removes that pressure and I can finally calm down. It's not so bad.

Even when I get irrational about it and feel completely abandoned, my mind screws around with me while I am in there. It makes me appreciate it (and him) even more when I am finally let out :)