Sunday, March 23, 2008

Too tired to be creative

How much to I believe in Barack Obama?

Enough to have forced myself out of bed at 6 am on a Saturday morning, for the 2 hour drive to Harrisburg PA, where my steady canvassing partner and I went door-to-door as part of a massive pre-primary voter registration drive.

How tired am I now?

Enough to not even try to edit the above over-long sentence into something more digestible.

Enough that I am completely incapable of coming up with something to post today that would sufficiently stimulate either arousal or serious discussion. So instead, I offer you another installment from our personal archives, sent to me by the philosopher on Day 6 of our correspondence, one day before we admitted that things were becoming rather heavier and more involving than either of us expected.

As you may have noticed, the philosopher has not been directly contributing anything to this blog. No posts. No comments. His primary responsibility is to finish The Damn Dissertation, and he is avoiding anything that might distract him from that all-important task. (Yes, Virginia, even doms have tasks.) But I love his writing, without which this relationship would never have existed, and am happy to share with you some of the stories and conversations that lured me and created that unbreakable chain that binds me to him.

He does contribute indirectly, with praise, occasional punishment, and constant inspiration. His presence sings in everything I write and in every breath I take.

NOTE #1: to you handful of readers from Pennsylvania, don't forget that this Monday, March 24, is the last day to register as a Democrat if you want to be able to vote in the Democratic primary. If by inclination or necessity you are normally registered non-partisan, it is quite legal in Pennsylvania to change your registration for the primary and then change it back thereafter. If you received a voter registration form in the mail, it must be POSTMARKED by midnight Monday.

NOTE #2: I met a number of very nice Republicans along the way yesterday. One of these was the head of the local Republican party. We had a very congenial chat, more as two people interested in politics sharing observations than as adversaries. Very refreshing. He commented that he had recently noticed a lot of Republicans switching their registration to Democratic. Concerned, he called them up to ask why. Some (not many) changed to vote for Barack because they think he can be defeated more easily. Some want to vote for Barack because they hate Hillary so much that if a Democrat wins they want to be sure it isn't her. Most changed because they think Hillary can be defeated more easily. Draw your own conclusions.

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