Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sex Supplement

Z was complaining about the lack of sex in some sex blogs. I feel somewhat guilty of that myself, especially after my last post, in which I subjected my readers to a mournful wail about politics. Since the earlier part of Z's prolonged kvetch has to do with search terms that bring desperate perverts to her site, I recalled persephone's delicious essay "gloriosity" about her stat counter and the amazing set of keywords that one horny web surfer had entered in his search for porn.

It's quite a stunning list, and inspired me to leave the following little poem as a comment. I shamelessly hope that posting it here will both lure some perverted sex fiends to my own blog and help make up for my lack of sex. (Well, no, there's only one thing that can make up for my lack of sex, but I'm willing to be patient. Especially since my cruel loving owner is slowly getting his mojo working again, and for the first time in ages ordered me to go without panties today. Yum... especially yum in blue jeans. The way the hard denim seam rubs against my clit and into my cunt recalls the first time he tied me in a body harness with a knot situated in the nastiest spot. Damn that felt good and did wondrous things to my state of mind. The photos are clear proof that I wasn't quite all there... )

= = = = = = = = =


fuck suck cum mouth throat dick
OR cock OR penis
OR prick under the table

i'm feeling the urge to make this into a poem
except maybe the phrasing should go

fuck suck cum mouth throat
dick OR cock OR penis OR prick
under the table, slut, yes
under the table my sweet
my obedient little cockwhore
my adoring little slave
kneel at my feet while i
rape your mouth, and i'll
shower your face with the
cruelty of my love.

(this just came.
so to speak...
for the philosopher.
like everything.)


Z said...

An excellent poem :)

And I was complaining about myself, really...

David said...

Katie, bar the door.

Be careful what you ask for, I can see the line of perverts forming already, now serving number 37.


oatmeal girl said...

early readers of this post should please note that i corrected a misleading typo. because of course i meant that he ordered me to go WITHOUT panties...

obviously the effect was a very confused brain.