Tuesday, March 25, 2008

False Alarm

i'm such a ninny.
a silly little kitten.

i misheard what was no more than a small sigh of exasperation. what the philosopher did say was that my hair is the one thing he CAN'T control, since he always gives in and allows me to get it cut.

i blame hormones.
and over-intellectualization.
excessive analysis of my stats.

i saw that he had come to our blog from Dominant Seven, where he would have seen Irch say he can't handle a long-distance relationship.

i saw that he had read my own post Leave of Absence, where i described how he had tried to break up with me for the third time (and which i recommend to new readers for a bit of explanatory history).

and i drew all the wrong conclusions.

i was punished with a rubber-band caning on my left inner thigh.
i had to write in my little book "i will not be a silly little kitten."
20 times.
i have to send him a photo.
i am banned from looking at my stats at all until further notice.
and i am to watch out for signs that my new job is taking too big an emotional toll.

(my co-worker says that after a while i'll be able to detach some while still caring. i hope so...)

so there we are.
i AM a silly little kitten.
and i am very lucky to be owned by this man who is both tolerant and strict, loving and controlling.

but i do miss you, master!

PS - since i am again banned from my stats, this would be a good time for you lurkers behind trees to peek out and show your noses.


Z said...

I'm here, as usual. Drinking coffee and trying to think if I want to write a blog anniversary post, feeling as though I'm peering in through your front window.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes... the danger of reading too much into stats. There is someone whom I used to love who still visits my blog every day. I think. Every once in a while I think to myself, what if I have the wrong IP address? What if I'm assuming something that just isn't the case? Then I remember not to care. :)

RoseRed775 said...

Don't fret. You're just suffering from a Freudian hearing glitch, it's sort of like a Freudian slip in reverse. Anxiety=Mishaps. Completely understandable.

I have poked my nose out of the trees today in celebration of the early morning departure of my children to school and the return of the computer to MY control. Talk about suffering!