Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Climbing back out of the hole

the storm has passed
the spell has lifted
the gloom has cleared

not, i think, because of the lithium. it really did feel like an evil spell, this hormone storm, albeit probably the worst i've ever had. another one is due in 2 weeks. i'm hoping the lithium will smooth it out a bit. the last one was 2 weeks ago. and we all know what happened then.

thank you all for taking care of me. my master used to take care of me. but now he needs to focus on taking care of himself. and even so, he couldn't quite leave me to drown. he did call last weekend. he's a good man, my master, my lover, and still my best friend.

plus he knows i have all of you looking after me. people i've never met who, in some very important ways, know more about me than the very dear friends who live just a mile or so away.

of course, you have an advantage that the poor philosopher didn't have. if you can't take it for a few days you can just stay away. you know that at least one other person will be here to toss me a life-saving hug. the philosopher was on duty whether he had it in him or not. and he was here for me last weekend, despite his own struggles.

he has a lot to wrestle with now. please save some hugs for him, too.

ps - i do have a follow-up visit already scheduled. and a blood test tomorrow to check levels of all sorts of things. i've got LOTS of experience with medications. just not this one. this is the only one i've ever refused to take. until now.

pps - i worked out again today. 2nd day in a row. and today the weight loss finally showed up: another pound and a half since last week. i'm about 6-1/2 pounds lighter than when my master first met me. and my hair would be shoulder length except for how curly it is now.

ppps - and i wore pink panties again today.

watch for more sexy stuff soon!


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear the sun is coming out!

xoxoox mina

Amy said...

Hooray for oatmeal girl!

And hugs for both you and your Philosopher.


Paul said...

Oatmeal Girl, you sound happier.
As for support, isn't that what this is all about.
When your Philosopher is once again fully connected, take that any way you like, your friends will still be here when you need them.
Warm hugs,

mamacrow said...

yay! Glad things are looking up. VERY WELL DONE on the exercise thing, it can be very hard to get into a routine with that.

David said...

I am very happy to hear you are doing better, that is great news. But I did so much enjoy the exposee.

(Sorry) David

Anonymous said...

I know you'll be okay. Hugs.

oatmeal girl said...

thank you all for hanging in here with me. of course, you know this means nothing. i just keep going up and down and up and down... the question is where will teh last landing be.

what is really strange sometimes is that i will sit down to write after a pretty good day and then teh sadness comes back out.

ah well, everything takes time...