Saturday, July 26, 2008

Put down the mouse and move away from the laptop

i've lost control.
well, you know that.
i'm a thoroughly undisciplined kitten.
but i'm trying to rein myself in.

so i'm going to focus on my submission and stop having all these tropical storms of emotions. my foundation isn't strong enough to take any more and the insurance doesn't cover water damage.

and i need to get out from under the computer.
i have to get out of my head.
i must stop stirring up my emotions by writing about them.

i need to cease inflaming my cunt and frustrations and jealousy by reading about other people's lustatory adventures.

I must resist writing strange men in search of reassurance that there might possibly be someone out there willing to scold me and spank me and fuck me if the philosopher really does decide that life is better without me.

well... ok, i admit it, i'm not really planning on going cold turkey. i may be a crazy romantic submissive pain slut of a slave kitten, but i'm not really going to cut myself off from all manner of kinkitude. i just have to impose some limits. i have to show my master that i can take care of myself when he can't.

so i'm going to try to return to my previous posting schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. we'll see how that goes.

and maybe now i'll find time to vacuum the living room rug, which has once again turned grey from cat hair.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Later... didn't that sound impressive? i spoke too soon, though. because next Sunday, August 3rd, is the first anniversary of when the philosopher and i met in person, and there are all these lovely bits of anticipatory conversation that i want to preserve here. so i suppose it will be daily posting this week after all. NEXT week, tho, i'll be packing for camp and stockpiling posts, so i'm hoping to cut back then. now if only i can cut back on the blog reading... i think i'll watch a movie tonight...

hey Marko! wanna come downstairs to the dungeon to watch a movie and snuggle. you know i love your kisses, baby...


Anonymous said...

A movie is a good choice..How about an old fashion mystery? You know the kind where you think you figure it out only to be proved you had it all wrong...And kitten He is thinking of you too..

oatmeal girl said...

the movie was a bad choice. you were right - i should have gone with the murder mystery. this one was a supposed comedy about a commitment-phobic lesbian who get s involved with both a man and woman - who happen to be each other's exes. i knew i was in for trouble when the guy turned out to be a fucking PHILOSOPHY professor.

actually, assistant professor. at Columbia. and trying to finish up his dissertation. which not only cut too close to home but was totally unrealistic. there's no way Columbia is going to hire an ABD as an assistant professor.

i should stick with very violent sci fi movies were there's no love interest. male bonding stuff. by which i DON'T mean Brokeback Mountain, which made me bawl my eyes out.

and how come all the rest of you know what he's thinking when i don't?!

i guess the level-headedness didn't last very long, did it...

i have to get back into obedient slave mode...

Anonymous said...

How do we know He is thinking of you? Well that's easy to answer, One doesn't forget somone as special as you that's how we know He is thinking of you.

As for the movie may I recommend A&E's Agatha Christie's "Poirot" with David Suchet as Poirot or Perhaps PBS's Masterpiece Mystery "Foyle's War" which should be on tomorrow evening..


Paul said...

Oatmeal Girl, of course he is thinking of you, who forget you.
Warm hugs,

Ronjazz said...

...and besides, OG, there isn't a man in the world who would turn down a woman the way you sensuously offer yourself. If they do, they're not worth your time...:)