Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fortunate Future

i had just returned with a GLBT-synagogue night out – Christmas in July, at least for Jews… Chinese food and a movie. The gay guys picked the movie so of course it was the musical of “Hairspray.”
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Sunday night 29 July 2007

my post-Chinese meal cookie yielded a very promising fortune, surrounded by smiley faces:

You will have good luck in your personal affairs.

i will take that as absolutely true.

i enjoyed the movie a lot. good music, good production numbers, nice cameo by John Waters as a flasher, didn't agree with John Travolta's decision to play Edna Turnblad straight, as a woman, so he didn't really add anything, but the rest of it was good and fun and very feel-good.

at dinner, i came out about you. very brave. but then the only woman at the table was V, who is rather gender ambiguous and has always accepted my being bi, and knows about you anyway. the guys, of course, were not at all judgmental, and my darling leather
friends were highly approving when i said you were kinky and just wanted to know when i was going to bring you around for them to pass judgment. ;-) anyway, it was a big relief, tho i still haven't broken the word to my lesbian friends, of whom one of my favorites always has a hard time remembering i'm bi. but so be it.

it seems i have a habit of blushing fiercely when i bring you up.

coming back on the train, i listened to my collection of phone messages. mmm... very, um, stirring...

the world smelled of chamomile when i exited in Silver Spring. from all the rain. there's been a drought - we needed it.

i need you.
- -
"out". . .you mean all the way? Ropes and chains and collars. . .the works?


Take off the black t-shirt.
- -
i didn't go into detail. just said you were kinky.

that was enough. especially for the leather boys.

t-shirt is off m'Lord.

thank you.

when you exert your power... i start going down...

in 5 days, in 5 days you will take me all the way.
- -
All the way down, kitten. . .

Unbutton your jeans, too. .
- -
jeans had already been exchanged for shorts, which are now zipped down.

i can't wait for you to work at taming me with your hands, with your cane, with your cock... not just with your words...

listening to your messages, where you say you own me... i have no doubt. i have no doubt that you do own me. and count the minutes until you claim me.
- -
Taming you. . . up close. . . where I can see how well you obey. . . and if you don't. . .


Immediate correction.

I look forward to becoming closely acquainted with every intimate corner of your body.

I can't wait until I get my first glimpse of my property. . .
- -
- -
And I plan on taking full advantage of my ownership. . .

How tall are you?
- -
5' 3-3/4"

why, m'Lord?
- -
I have my reasons, kitten.

Take off your shorts.
- -
[you scare me, m'Lord.]

shorts are off, sir,
ass is bare.
cunt is revealed.

i am yours for the taking.

5 days from now you will have been here for hours, m'Lord.

i feel you caning me...

do you hear, m'Lord?

do you hear those little sounds you love?

my back is arching of it own accord.
my head is falling back.
and the sounds...

i feel your cruelty.
and am lost.
- -
Get the cane.
- -

[small voice:]
yes, sir..
- -
Once you have it. . .

Strip completely naked.

Rest the cane across your knees.
- -
- -
Tell me what you are feeling.

- -


very submissive

very small




breathing fast... no, panting

and wanting to know the sting of teh cane. from you. to know you are unleashing your demon on my defenseless flesh.

and you, my master?

what are you feeling?
- -
I am hard, kitten. . .and I want to expend my hardness on you.

I want to take you over my knee. . .telll you exactly what i am going
to do to you. . .and then do it. . .

I want to hear you scream. . .

Put the cane in your mouth. . .
- -
yes, sir.

i am whimpering and moaning sir, and was all the time i was waiting to hear back from you.

tell me what you are telling me that you will do.

tell me what it is that will make me scream

the fear... it sends me down...
- -
Are you alone?
- -

my housemate is almost never here now.

of course, Marko is on the bed with me. he also looks after me when we are on line or on the phone, and he is obsessed with the cane.

as am i...
- -
Obsessed. . .

And you want to know what I will do to you. . .

Take the cane down tot the basement. Stand in front of the black footrest.

Raise the can over your head. . .Strike the footrest with the cane as hard as you can. . .

Get a good "WHAP!" out of it.

THAT is what I am going to do to you.

Let me know when you have done it.
- -
i have done it, master.

i have done it and am back upstairs.

when you issued the command, i walked downstairs as if in a trance. perfectly obedient.

and yes, as always, when it came time to strike, it was a struggle. so tremendously difficult. frightening, distressing.

finally, i pulled myself enough tor aise my arm.

the cane came down hard on the footstool.

this time, the actual hitting wasn't so upsetting.

but the sound... the sound of the cane whooshing through the air...

that was horrible.

horribly threatening...

you will enjoy it, i think.

and enjoy my fear...
- -
I think I will, kitten.


And now, to bed.

You will call me at 8:03 tomorrow morning.
- -
to bed?! i'm so incredibly aroused!! you are such a meanie... and you get me every time. you are deliberately exciting me, over and over, having forbidden me to even touch... i'll be so locked up tight by friday, who knows if i'll ever be able to cum again!

sadistic bastard.

sigh... you're just what i want.

you are the only one i want.

whatever you are, whoever you are, you define what i want.

you own me. so i have no choice in the matter in any case.

thank you, master.
thank you for putting me to bed.

i will call at 8:03.
and this time you won't go back to sleep, right?

we will be very productive, as i crawl, and you stride, towards consummation.

good night, m'Lord.

and dream of how you will torture me.

and of my screams...
- -
:-) :-) :-)

Good night kitten.

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Paul said...

Oatmeal Girl, I love evedropping on you two, thank you for letting me.
Warm hugs,