Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Status Report - Week 1 of 9

Weight Loss: 4 pounds
Exercise: 3 days in a row (not today, due to a migraine, or i would have made it 4)
Tears: beaucoup; demasiado; för mycket. down from buckets a day to a cup or so.
Panties: pink

i was going to write more today - in fact wrote a bunch long-hand at work on a little pad of white, lined paper. but it's not done, and there's the aforementioned headache (totally unrelated to the matter at hand). thankfully the philosopher, who did NOT revisit here last night, won't have to hear me moan about it. in all honesty, i can say that i hope last night he fell asleep early and slept solidly, and has been able to work away in his air conditioned room and get off a page or two and maybe look ahead with some confidence.

so this is all for today. except for a poem of sorts which i will post separately, and to which i do encourage responses - especially from my more sadistic readers.

speaking of which, one last thing. i appreciate more than i can say all the kind and incisive comments - and even those that aren't so kind but try to tell it as it appears from the outside. i'm not talking much to friends about the hiatus and looming possible break-up. it's just too hard to talk about it. and then there's the other little problem of not being able to talk about what made it all particularly intense. but here, while i don't share my legal name and other identifying details, i can share things that are even more revealing, the truth of my desires, the truth of my needs, the truth of my perversions, and the truth of my pain. (and his, too. i don't doubt his pain. and i can do nothing for him but give him the support he needs by staying away.)

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Paul said...

Oatmeal Girl, you are surviving, and in a way even benefiting from it.
If/when you get together again you will be stronger for this experience.
Warm hugs,