Thursday, July 3, 2008

cum/NOT cum

maybe i need to torture myself since there is no one else to do it. or you can take this as a cute and kinky little amusement as a gift to my loyal readers so they won't run from my sighs and tears. anyway, please enjoy this bit of grammatical fantasy.

23 April 2007
- - - - - - - - - - -

All she can think about is cumming.
He has made sure of that.

He has tied her bound hands to the hook in the living room ceiling.
He stands before her, crop in hand, and grins sadistically.
He's been grinning sadistically for days now.

She is naked of course.
Naked and whimpering.
Her eyes are wet with tears.
Her cunt is wet, too.
He checked.

"Conjugate 'cum' for me, kitten."

"To cum." Her voice chokes.
"i cum.
You cum.
He, she, it cums.
We cum.
You'all cum." (She always conjugates as if in French.)
"They cum."

He flicks the crop at her ass.

"But no, kitten. That's not right, is it?"

He hits her ass again.

"Correct it!"

Her voice is somewhat petulant, somewhat angry, definitely weepy, and
very exhausted.

"i DON'T cum.
YOU cum!
He cums, it cums, but she doesn't cum. Oh no.
We don't cum. Not any more.
Only YOU cum. All by yourself."

"That's right, kitten."
"I cum. You don't cum. Not unless I specifically allow it. Right?"
"OW!! Yes, Master. You cum. i don't cum."

"And why would I keep you from cumming?"
"i don't know any more! WHY??!!" she wails.


"Not the right answer. Try again, kitten."
"Because you can. To remind me that you can," she mumbles.

"And why can I?"

"Because my orgasms belong to you.
Because my cunt belongs to you."

"Go on..."

"Because i am your slave.
my body is yours.
my soul is yours.
i am yours to use as you wish.
i am yours, and i must obey."

Her downcast eyes land on the crotch of his jeans.
He has taken out his cock.
He strokes it as she goes through her catechism.
Her mouth waters.
Her cunt burns.
But then, it has been burning for days.

"Why are you my slave, kitten?"

"Because i want to be..." very softly.

"Why, kitten? Why do you want to be my slave?"
Pumping faster.

"because..." she is sobbing openly now.

"Who owns you, kitten?!"

"YOU own me, John!
YOU do!
You KNOW you do!"

He cums.

She doesn't.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you are hurting, and not in a good way. I wish that he wasn't an ass and was emtionally mature enough to deal with things. I hope that before Sept 1, you find someone worthy of what you seek to give.

Ronjazz said...

I will happily volunteer, my dear. In my house, NO orgasm is denied...Dom or not.

oatmeal girl said...

thanks, anonymous. next time you write, give me a way to separate you from the other anonymice who might contact me.

maybe it's just me continuing to defend him, but i don't think the philosopher is an ass. i do think you are right about his being emotionally immature. he fits right in with my impressive collection of emotionally unavailable men. (actualin any case, thank you SO much for making em feel desired. id ly, the women i dated fit that model, too. i'm so damn predictable...)

Ron! i'm so happy to hear from you! i'll bet you would give me all the mind and body-shaking orgasms i'd need. tho i must say that i did find orgasn denial very satisfying in a way, as i do love being controlled. it makes me feel very safe.

in any case, thank you so much for making me feel desired - i do need that right now, no matter what happens in 2 months. i hope to hear more from you...

Anonymous said...

This was a very sexy piece, and the underlying anger only enhanced that. x